Saturday, April 30, 2011

Royal Wedding...

Who needs a Prince?

My Daddy's the King

I'm a Princess, You're Not.

Princesses Rule!
I thought the Princess Charming Collection from OPI was appropriately themed to celebrate the royal wedding! I do have all six polishes, but Got a Date To-Knight and Your Royal Shyness didn't really fit into my sentencing!

Here's the last two...

Got a date To-Knight

Your Royal Shyness

Kreativ Blogger Award

Thanks so much to Olivia who just gave me my very first blog award!

The rules are:
Write 10 facts about yourself
Pass the award to 10 bloggers and tell them about the award.

Well I'm not sure that 10 facts about me will be so interesting, but here goes!

1. I love Disney movies...My favourite is Beauty and the Beast. I've always loved Belle. I want to play the main song Beauty and the Beast at our wedding...Nick's not so keen on the lyrics lol. So I've been trying to find a musical arrangement I like...but it's just not the same. Nick would rather we played A Whole New World from Aladdin. At least he supports my

2. My favourite time of year is Christmas. I love Christmas, even when I worked in retail I still loved Christmas. I get so excited to put up my Christmas tree, which is full of Disney ornaments...
You can check out my Christmas tree and Disney ornaments here , here and here .

3. I blog on an HP Mini 110. It's a black one I've had for almost 2 years now. I love that I can lie in bed and blog! Yup laziness! I wanted a pink one, but thought the black would probably be more it was $200 cheaper when I bought my mini.
4. In October last year Nick and I bought our first house. It's awesome! But it was the first time I had actually lived away from home. I lived at home through out university because the university I went to was only an hour away. Then when I started working Nick and I were both living at my parents as we tried to save money to buy our house. I always hated the idea of paying to live in a house I didn't own. But then I'm funny like that.

5. I'm a primary teacher, but my spelling is shocking. I swear every time I mark a kids book my spelling gets worse. I can understand most of my kids spelling now...and it starts to look right to me...then I start to question my spelling...ahhh!

6. I only started caring about my nails last year. I was a shocking nail bitter all through school. I had weak, short nails. Don't get me wrong, I had nail polish, I just didn't like my nails! Last year I splurged on some new polish...five bottles of OPI. I noticed that the polish actually looked kind of awesome on me (if I do say so myself) and that my nails were stronger and not little stubs anymore. Since then my nail polish collection has grown and my nails are hardly ever unpainted.
OPI Dutch Tulips, one of the 5 OPIs that started my obsession.
7. I'm really self conscious of my boobs lol. I get concerned I'm showing cleavage and am constantly pulling my tops up, whether they are lower cut or not.

8. I love reading and have a large collection of books, I need my own library. Beauty and the Beast is my inspiration...

9. I have a rather large stash of make up. Ranging from Clinique to NYX. The terrible thing is I hardly every actually wear make up! I just love the pretty colours, especially eyeshadows. At least I actually wear my nail polish! I have lots of make up to choose from when I want to dress up though!

10. I love dresses with pockets!

As for 10 people to tag...I'm going to share some blogs I love reading. If you'd like this award feel free to do it, but don't feel like you have to! (these are in no particular order) I f I didn't add you, it's not from lack of love, it's from lack of sleep after staying up to watch the royal wedding!

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Friday, April 29, 2011

Nail Prisms: Golden Cinnabar 10

Nail Prism of the day is Golden Cinnabar 10. Golden Cinnabar reminds me a lot of Nubar Stardust. Golden Cinnabar is more vibrant and the colours seem more saturated.

Golden Cinnabar is duochrome that goes between golden tones to pink to brown tinged pink. At some angles the gold appears to have a green tinge to it. I used three coats, but this was not one of the runny watery Nail Prisms.

Golden Cinnabar 10
I wasn't sure I would Golden Cinnabar after seeing other peoples swatches on the net, but I actually really like it. It has this warmth to it. And just for comparison here's a picture of Nubar Stardust. This time Golden Cinnabar wins.

Nubar Stardust

Nubar Chameleons

Nick refers to my snazzy Nubar duochromes as chameleons and it's kinda stuck in my head.
These pics have been hanging out in my 'to do' folder far too long. I posted the first half of my Nubar Duochromes ages ago! You can check them out here if you want to :)

Dreamers Island
 Dreamers Island...not my favourite. Ok I actually really don't like this one, sure it's probably great for layering...but I wanted a pretty light purple duochrome...not something to layer. It's a very pretty pastel purple that shows off some pretty greens. I couldn't get the pic right, but I was feeling disillusioned with the polish. It's so sheer! This was four coats...4!

Moon Shadow
 Ohhh! Now this is a sexy duochrome. Dark eggplanty purple that shows off bronze, pinky purple and green tones? This one was three coats.

Indigo Illusion
 A more muted colour than I anticipated but a very pretty duochrome. I can see why it's so popular. Dusty blue that flashes green, pink and purple tones. My pictures don't do Indigo Illusion justice. Again three coats.

Wildlife is an odd colour. Olivey bright green with brownish red tones. Yes it does remind me of nature. I can't decide what habitat it reminds me of most...plains, forest, marsh... The tones it portrays are everywhere in our natural world. Again three coats.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail Prisms: Emerald Amethyst 05

Todays Nail Prism is Emerald Amethyst 05. Amethyst is one of those words I always want to spell wrong. I want to spell it Amythest. Luckily I know how to spell it, but it doesn't stop me almost spelling it wrong every time I type it.

Emerald Amethyst is a rather drab Nail Prism...or at least my version is. A dull greyed amethyst and more of an olivey green than an emerald. In saying that my pictures were taken on a rather cloudy day. I've been waiting patiently for some sunshine so I could get betters pictures...but the sunshine isn't coming back at the moment.

Emerald Amethyst 05
There's so much promise in the name...Emerald green and Amethyst purple. Emerald Amethyst conjures up a vision of a stunning vibrant green/purple I guess it was slightly disappointing. But it was almost a two coater, I did three because that's what I do. And I should appreciate the pretty duskiness and stunning duochrome that it does produce, but I own Nubar Purple Beach...and that wins hands down! I really need to get Emerald Amethyst in better lighting. Here's Nubar Purple Beach to compare. Although these pics are in better lighting so it's slightly unfair.

Nubar Purple Beach

No You Can't Come In!

Thursday, and I'm finally going back into school to sort my class out for Monday next week when the kids come back. I actually hate being in school at the holidays. It's creepy with no kids!

It's another glum day, not raining, but still cloudy and cold. I wish I could stay in my toasty lounge with a blanket today. Since it's such a cloudy blah day, here's some pics of a gorgeous polish in sunshine! Another Tronica polish I managed to find on ebay.

3D Fantasy is a gorgeous coral shade. I'm really into coral at the moment. anyway here's pictures.

3D Fantasy
There's a very cute kitten outside my door meowing at me as though I'm a bad person. The trouble is I don't have a kitten and as much as I'd love to let it in...I can't. So no kitty you can't come in! It has a collar and looks well loved, there's been no missing cat notices in the letterbox. I think it just wants attention while it's owners are out. It's not the first actually got into the house the other day. That was a mission getting it out. I can't leave the door open now!

In other cute pictures check out Clio and Jaz's idea of a great place to sleep...

In the egg carton I gave them to play with...crazy girls!

And this is the new exercise regime Nick has put Barnabas on.

Nick thought Barnabas was getting too fat and wasn't using the wheel in his cage. It's hilarious watching this little green bubble roll around the floor though.