Saturday, April 2, 2011


For the last few months I've been on a crazy collecting spree.

I've been collecting Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.
I haven't been able to purchase any of the omg coveted polishes like Garnet Lapis or Turquoise Opal. Unfortunately I don't want to spend $24.99 (US dollars) on a polish. I'm tempted...but know that, that is a little too much for me, for one polish.

One of the interesting things about the Nail Prisms is the variations you can find. I have two Ruby Diamonds that are different colours and one is more holo, two blush diamonds where one is a blush and one is a pink and my purple diamond sucks compared to pictures I've seen.

1. Diamond LE, 2. Pink Rose Diamond, 3. Purple Diamond, 4. South Sea Pearl and 7. Amber Ruby.
9. Blush Diamond, 9.Blush Diamond, 12. Coral Amber, 11. Fire Opal and 10. Golden Cinnabar.
13. Ruby Diamond, 13. Ruby Diamond, 14. Lapis Amethyst, 15. Lavender Pearl and 17. Pink Pearl.
18. Star Opal, 19. Lavender Sky, 21. Scarlet Ruby, 22. Bronze Coral and 23. Burgundy Orchid.
25. White Diamond, 26. Cinnabar Opal, 27. Bronze Ruby, 28. Mandarin Garnet and 29. Golden Tourmaline.
35. White Turquoise, 36. Lavender Sapphire and 37. Ruby Topaz.
Hopefully in the near future I'll get around to swatching them all. most seem to be thin, take a bajillion coats to cover my white, white nail tips and take forever to dry. But omg! drool! look at them altogether. Such a pretty collection. I'll keep scouring the internet for the ones I'm missing.

If I can get a good picture I'll post my nail wheels later today :)
They've been sitting in my lounge a week and a bit now. I keep moving their location to see the array of colours each polish contains.


  1. awesome collection ! I wish we get Sally Hansen here in Switzerland.

  2. I wish it was available here as well! My collection was mostly found on the internet. I've been very lucky finding so many.

  3. Wow,this is really impressive! haha. I only have one Nail Prisms that I scored from the Dollar Tree... haven't been able to find any since, though!