Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Color Club Wicked Sweet

Writing color is very frustrating for me. I realise it's the American spelling, but it just looks wrong. I only spell colour as color when i write Color Club...because it's a name and as a teacher I definitely know that there's no wrong way to spell your child's name...but seriously spelling a name wrong on purpose, I mean adding a lot of extra letters and making sure it doesn't look anything like the way you want it said...  its not creative or original...and as for inventing names...random sounds strung together...seriously?

In saying that my class has rather normal names, this year. (Please don't be offended if you have an unusually spelt name...I mean people that spell Victoria...Vichtorriyah...)

Anyway on to nails!

Yum Gum: mmmm yum! Delicious lightly scented bubblegum pink. bright and light and just plain fun to wear.

Raspberry Rush: awesome! Yes it smells like fake raspberry...but look at that awesome bright dark pink.

Gimme a Grape Big Kiss: very nice purple...ok not really a grape shade in my mind but it smells yum and looks great.

Wicked Sweet: Shimmer! Really nice bright blue shimmer. Lightly scented with a nice sweet smell. Not too sugary, more like juicy fruit.

The Lime Starts here: Neon green....yup I have one of these. Sure it's not as light and high lightery...but i do have a neon green. It doesn't smell like cleaning products though...this does.

I Always Get My Man-darin: awesome orange with shimmer. I really love the polish but hate the smell...these three citrus scents remind me of cleaning! Good thing the scent is not over powering and quite wearable.

Get Your Lem-on: nice highlighter yellow. very bright and it has shimmer...awesome! Sheerer than the others, but i do have crazy nail whites. this is the most cleaning product smelling one.
And....apologies for any typos. Nick gave my parents my keyboard and I freaking hate this one. The keys don't go down properly and i can't seem to make capitals! but my dear mini hp is in the car...and I'm being lazy!

A massive welcome to new followers! And a reminder that my giveaway closes on the 16th! So enter for some awesome nail prism action!


  1. Ohhhh where did you order these from? How much was shipping to new Zealand?

  2. I got these on ebay...I may or may not have a problem! I also picked up the Starry Temptress collection.
    I used this seller

    and shipping was quite reasonable. It $4.50 for the first bottle but $2 for each after. So compared to some its not too bad at all.

  3. I like Gimme a Grape Big Kiss and Wicked Sweet!

  4. They're two of my favourite as well. I love them all except the citrus scents...which I like, not love!