Sunday, August 18, 2013

OPI, interviews, ERO, a sick day and a quake

Eeekkk! Long time since I posted!

In my defence I have had parent teacher interviews (more commonly known as three's alludes to the fact the child is present and is involved in the discussion, but yes I know where your mind went!.

We also have the Education Review Office (ERO) coming in, in week 6... yikes 2 weeks to go. So whilst we're not worried about that, it's still unnerving and you want to have everything ready. 
Every school is on a cycle for review. Cycles range from one year to 4/5 years. A 3 year review cycle is pretty standard.

Anyway on to pretty polish!
I was sick on Thursday and had my first day home sick of the year. Not bad to last until term 3 without taking any sick days! Anyway, I was feel much better by the afternoon and decided to do something to make myself feel :)

Unfortunately I've misplaced my camera here's some pics I took last holidays!

OPI My Boyfriend Scales Walls
 Everyone needs a good base white in their collection. Whilst My Boyfriend Scales Walls isn't a pure white...unless you have it right next to white, no one would ever know!
White enough for me!

OPI My Very First Knockwurst
My Very First Knockwurst was a polish I desperately wanted when I first saw swatches of last years German collection. Now that I have it I'm not so sure about it to be honest. Honestly I just don't know about this colour on me. At least the formula was fab!

I managed to get back to school on Friday. I was still feeling pretty horrid, but I hate not being there, and I'd left my laptop and all of my work in my classroom.

I'm so glad I went in. We had another decent quake. 6.6.
The kids were fantastic, they dropped, crawled under their desks and turtled.
I'm glad I was the one there with my class, not a reliever. 

The 6 pointer quake we had last month didn't rattle me as much as this one. I've been seriously jumpy since. I think it was seeing the reactions of the kids, their terrified faces and then the onslaught of worried parents that rushed in to school was what really got me. It all just kind of hit home that it could have been serious.

At least the after shocks have been getting smaller. I've only felt one 4am.

Hopefully my posts will be more frequent in the coming weeks!