Friday, April 22, 2011

Pride Cometh Before the...Break?

I had one of those days yesterday that was mixed with so much good and bad.

My best friend, and bridesmaid, was up from Christchurch for the holidays and to escape the quakes. She wasn't keen on being home alone with so many after shocks happening. So we hung out with my mum and went to pay off the rest of my wedding dress and choose a veil.

In January my dress fit perfectly. Very snug...but it did up! Unfortunately comfort eating didn't help my waist and it now refuses to zip! so I guess that's bad number one! Although I did know I had to get back to eating healthy and exercising more lol. I don't need to loose much, so it's highly doable before the dress fittings in June. See plenty of time!

But I did get an awesome very cute veil. Though...$92 for a piece of material that clips into my hair? Still it was cheaper than I expected!

And my nails were looking amazing...I was very vain about my nails today. Yes they're stained....damn you Justin Beiber My Life Saver...but the shape and length was perfect for me!

Sally Hansen Nail Prism Burgundy Orchid 23
I was vain enough to take a 'naked' pic
But as we all know pride cometh before the fall...and I was drying dishes when I hit my hand into the cupboard (excellent hand eye co-ordination...). My middle finger nail went snap! There was no repair, it was a clean break.

OPI DS coat.
Now I have this tiny half nail looking thing. I've cut all my nails down so it doesn't look so odd...but ahhh! It looks odd. And to make matters worse it's my swatch hand! I had so many good plans to swatch my untrieds this school holidays. At least I have a stash of pics on my computer to post.

Moral of the story...don't eat too much Hells Pizza no matter how delicious their Pandemonium (Chicken, crandberry and brie) Pizza is and don't be too vain about your nails...they can break :(


  1. oh no... don't worry, they will grow back in no time

  2. I'm loving Burgundy Orchid. Very pretty duo chrome!