All through school, I wanted to be a designer...or a teacher. but mostly a designer with a teaching degree to fall back on. I played with a lot of ideas for label names.

Then one day I got it. GiMiKd. I was mostly interested in fashion design and GiMiKd fit the bill.
Fashion could be referred to as a gimmick. We don't need the latest tightest jeans to live, but damn do they make our bums look awesome!So as a cynical 16 year old, I came up with GiMiKd. The idea was essentially if anyone bought anything from my label they were GiMiKd.

I've since moved on from the idea of ever having my own fashion label, but GiMiKd has stuck with me.
I still love to draw and design clothes...but my sewing skills and slight phobia of the industrial sewing machines at uni didn't help my cause.