Monday, January 31, 2011

Back to School....

I have a mind block against calling school, work.
Yes I'm a teacher now, I don't actually attend school...but it just sounds weird in my head to call it work.
It's a lot of work, believe me!

When talking to other people I forget, I say silly things like "I'm going back to school tomorrow"...
Doesn't help that most people assume I'm at high school or university!

I've been in to organise my classroom and decorate the walls, but today is an official call back today before the kids start on Wednesday. It means once again my summer holidays are over.

Here's my back to school nails, for today anyway! China Glaze Sea Spray topped with White Cap. Yes my pinky does look different. It has a coat of Nubar Tulle as well...I just really wanted to play with it, but didn't want to do all my nails.

Sea Spray and White Cap, inside under bright light
Sea Spray and White Cap inside with flash.
It's still rather dark right now, some cyclone's playing havoc on our weather, so our Summer sun has turned to cloud, wind and rain. It's also rather early in the morning still. Still these photos show how glossy and shimmer white cap looks on to of sea spray. It's a very pretty combination. I can't wait to top Below Deck and Sunset Sail!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Have you met Ted...

In my first year of teaching, 2009, I bought goldfish for a class pet. Unfortunately I didn't do very well looking after goldfish...though they did last until November last year.

I'd been thinking about getting a rat...and then I saw the cutest little mouse cage and I was sold. I wanted a mouse.

I brought Ted home on Thursday and our cat Harry decided the best way to say hello was by swiping at his cage with her claws. I'm sure she thought we'd brought her dinner.

The kids are back at school on Wednesday, but Ted's going to hang out at my place a little longer before I him in to class. I'd rather the kids were settled before I subject a poor little mouse to them!

Saturday, January 29, 2011 in OMG holographics

Over the last few months since my nail polish obsession started...when I realised that I actually I had nails...I have collected six of the 12 stunning China Glaze Holographics known as the OMG Collection.

OMG is right. These Holo's are amazing. Really nice to apply, they're pigmented, smooth and have amazing holo qualities. They make rainbows.

TTYL is a very pretty subtle warm pink with POW. Soon as you get it in the sunlight you see that holo, actually soon as you get it under any light you see the holo.

Well in all honesty I can't say I'm a fan of's just not a very flattering colour! I'm thinking it'll be good for stamping...but I doubt I'll be wearing it alone.

IDK is such a pretty colour for spring...Spring just makes me think of light purples and greens. IDK is amazing...easy as that!

LOL is a very sexy purple holo. It's dark enough, it's holo's the perfect purple holo. Although in my opinion the light colours holo's are more prominent.

I would be bold enough to say that 2NITE is my favourite from the collection, that I have. It's gorgeous...the perfect shade of light blue. I wore this to school and even the boys loved it and exclaimed I had rainbows on my nails.

L8R G8R is my latest edition to my collection, I saw some one selling it online and jumped on it. The same person is now selling FYI, but I'm not sure I need it...Anyway L8R G8R perfect spring green. Very stunning holo effect.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Silver Belle

I love Revlons glitter top coat Belle...yes half of that is because Belle is my favourite Disney Princess and Beauty and the Beast is one of my all time favourite movies.

I had to buy a back up of Belle, I use it cnstantly. When I was searching for a back up I found the Silver+Belle set.

Silver suprised me, it's actually a very pretty grey I can see being suitable as a winter or a spring colour.
Belle is just plain gorgeous and together they create a look I really liked.

Revlon Silver

Revlon Silver with Belle top coat.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Nyx Round Lipsticks: The Neutrals

I was browsing through, looking at my NYX lipstick collection, when I realised I never finished posting my lipsticks! I missed out some of my favourite everyday lipsticks. The Neutrals.

Mars, Hades, Perfect, Frappucino and Herades.
Mars, Hades, Perfect, Frappucino and Herades. (No Flash)
Mars, Hades, Perfect, Frappucino and Herades. (With flash)
These lipsticks are some of my favourite, go to lipsticks. I know that they'll always look good no matter what I'm wearing.

Mars: gorgeous creamy neutral that looks amazing with anything.
Hades: Subdued and gorgeous with shimmer. Doesn't really make me think of the underworld...One of my favourite lippies ever.
Perfect: Well it's perfect...Very clean and sophisticated.
Frappucino: this colour looks amazing on everyone of my friends, even red heads!
Herades: Yes it's a tad orangey, but orangey seems to look good on me. It brightens my face and makes my blue eyes pop.

Anchors Away

So I spent most of today in bed, lounging around, feeling sorry for myself. The headaches gone, I was just feeling very blah. Lucky for me I didn't have to be anywhere today!

This years spring collection from China Glaze is nautically themed and has a wide variety of colours to suit anyones tastes. From pretty pastel tones, greys, to brights. Glass flecks, to cremes to shimmers and secret shimmers.

I decided I absolutely had to have 6 colours from the collection, the other 6 I'm kinda meh about. I don't need more bright cremes, I'm not into yellows and I didn't think I needed the grey...though I might yet!

White Cap. A very pretty flecked white that I expected to be comparable to Frosty from the holiday collection. It's not really. It's white yes, its 'frosty' but White Cap is so much more than Frosty. The flecks in White Cap shine like a light. Getting all metaphorical...but it truly does make me think of the white caps of waves, with light from the light house hitting the tips.

Knotty. I expected Knotty to be a glass flecked version of sunset sail. I expected them to be close in colour...wrong! Knotty is comparable to Classic Camel in colour, I'll have to compare them later. When I put them together using my nail wheels they were very similar tones. I really didn't like classic camel too much, I thought it looked odd on me. What a difference glass flecks make, because I really like knotty!

Sunset Sail. A very pretty peach with secret shimmer. Sunset Sail is pretty, it's delicate, it's spring.

Sea Spray. Sea Spray is a colour I was looking forward to but dubious about. I wasn't sure how it'd go on me. I wasn't sure how the application would be...but hey, its a very nice blue with grey tones. Secret shimmer again. It was a bit thick to apply, but nothing I can't cope with!

Below Deck. Well this polish has been a rather hyped one. Supposed to dupe the famous Channelesque. To be honest I didn't buy it because it was supposed to be a dupe, I just thought it'd be a nice colour to wear when I have to be slightly more grown up! In my books Below Deck is a sophisticated colour that says yes I'm trendy but I'm sophisticated too.

Ahoy! Sparkling pink with golden flecks. Ahoy! is a very pretty dark bright pink. I was tossing up...Ahoy! or Pelican Grey...I'm glad I choose Ahoy! it's a very pretty polish that I will wear far more than Pelican Grey.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ahhh Headaches

I hate being sick. I hate headaches.

Unfortunately I woke up this morning with a rather bad headache, decided to ignore it, and went to see Tangled in 3D. Ok so a 3D movie isn't the best thing for a headache.

After the movie we needed to do our grocery shop, seeing as we haven't done a proper shop for 6 weeks.

By the time we'd finished our shop I was feeling awful. I've had a nap, I've rested my eyes, I've felt sorry for myself...and I've shopped. Lucky for me my HP mini is extremely portable, honestly I love my netbook to pieces. I'm very good at buying things...a skill I have to restrain as we're trying to save money for our wedding, but I just felt so crappy I wanted a pick me up...

Today I've managed to order 7 Color Club polishes, Zoya Flame Collection, Zoya Intimate Collection, 2 LA Splash Polishes, the rest of the Milani Holograms, Milani Bare in Mine, Teddy Bare and Dress Maker... that's 27 polishes...opps. I'm supposed to be cutting back...I'm supposed to be going through my polishes and passing on the ones I don't need...

Tangled was awesome though!

Sexy Chameleons

The other day I was playing with my awesome new Nubars when my darling asked about them. His mistake, because I rambled on about them for a good few minutes calling them duo-chromes. To which he eventually responded "what are you talking about? I meant the chameleon colours".

He does have a point chameleon colours does seem to describe these Nubars, they never seem to look the same twice. The formulae on these are wonderful, yes some are thinner and you do need to be patient! But all of these polishes looked fantastic with 3 coats max. The only problem with these polishes is I can't seem to get it straight in my head which colours are the base and which are the duo-chromes!

Stardust. Yes I did buy this one because I liked the name. I wasn't sure about the soft gold/peachy/rosey colour, but I do like it. This is one of the thinner polishes and on the first coat I thought it'd never be opaque, but after 3 coats it covered even my bright white tips.

Iris dust. Now this is a sexy colour. So rich and vibrant and glowing. This was another thin polish I was worried about achieving opacity, but 3 coats and awesomeness. Look at all those rich colours, gold, bronze, orangey, maroon.

Purple Beach. My favourite of these four polishes. Purple beach is stunning. At some angles it looks totally radioactive green. Look at all the gorgeous colours! Purple, grey, gold, green and pink even. This one was fabulous in 2 coats.

 Peacock Feathers. Wow this polish is so hard to capture on camera! Peacock Feathers basically has it's own cult following, and I can see why. Not only is it the most gorgeous blue shade, but it truly is a chameleon. Blue, green, pink, purple, gold. Stunning. Pink/purple tones haven't been capture very well by myself...but they are there. If you look hard you can see!