Sunday, May 22, 2011

OPI Greek Isles

I've mentioned before that I love Greek mythology and all my electronic devices have a Greek name...except my new external hard drive, I named that Minerva.

Anyway, due to my weird obsession I felt the need to track down the OPI Greek Isles collection. Released in 2004, the Greek Isles collection was of course the summer one. Full of frosty pinks and streaky whites. But I love it anyway. It's a true summer collection. Not one of the shades is a dark vampy colour, they're all bright and cheerful and I can't help but imagine myself cruising the Greek Isles when I see the colours.

Calling All Goddesses
 Frosty white shimmer, streaky and running. This one takes patience to apply. As you can see I didn't have quite enough patience! This was 3 coats.

Cream of Crete
 Cream of Crete may look like and off white creme, but it actually has a very pretty delicate shimmer running through it. Another streaky runny polish that needs a lot of patience to apply. Again 3 coats.

Ti-tan Your Toga
 Haha, Ti-tan, anyway...not really what I'd call tan...more a pale beige sand? A pearly finish with a lot of delicate shimmer. 3 coats again.

Melon of Troy
 A frosty looking peachy melony looking shimmer. This was 3 coats and like most of these shimmery shades I still have a bit of visible nail line, but nothing I'm worried about. This is a rather juicy shade. Melon ice? Maybe I'm just hungry.

Dancing in the Isles
 More of a light coraly pink than a pink pink, though I'm not sure it's coraly enough to be classed as coral. Again a frosty shimmer with some visible nail line, but nothing that worries me. Quite a pretty feminine colour.

Aphrodites Pink Nightie
 Delicate, pink and feminine. Perfectly fitting for the goddess of love and beauty. A frosty shimmer pink that was once again 3 coats. Pretty and girly. Perfect for a pink.

It's All Greek to me
 Wow! It's All Greek to Me is a stunning bright pink shimmery polish. It's definitely a stand out in this collection. I can see why it's such a popular polish and the more I look at this swatch the more I want to paint my toes. Again 3 coats.

Don't Socra-tease Me
 A another stunning colour from this collection. So bright and vibrant. A deeper red based coral with an amazing shot of what looks like blue shimmer in some lights. Rather sheer and this was actually four coats, but still incredibly gorgeous.

 These colours keep getting better and better. Purple-opolis is another amazing vibrant colour. I'm not sure I'd call it a purple, more a deep purple pink? Look at the gold shimmer coming through in the second photo. I've never seen that before, it looks amazing though!

Greece Just Blue Me Away
And lastly the gorgeous, though far too sheer, blue from the collection. Greece Just Blue Me Away has so much promise in the bottle. It's shimmer and a gorgeous shade of blue that seems to have some purple duo-chrome. Then on the nail it's sheer. Oh so so sheer. This was four coats, and you can't see any of the duo-chrome.


  1. I think it's all greek to me is gorgeous! Greece Just Blue Me Away is kinda disappointing and it kind of reminds me of Austin-tanious from Texas Collection...hmm...
    Thank you for the swatches!!

  2. What lovely colours! I have Aphrodites Pink Nightie sitting in my untrieds drawer, think I may have to take it out :)

  3. Definitley give Aphroditea Pink Nightie a try, even if just for the name!

    Yea, Greek Just Blue Me Away is rather disappointing. It has so much promise, but doesn't get there.I haven't tried Austin-tanious, I'll remember not to be suckered into buying it though!

  4. I am also a huge fan of the Greek OPI collection. I have about half of these. Its all Greek to me was one of my first OPIs and is still one of my favourite polishes ever. I love it

  5. I just tracked down all of them I was missing 5 and I have to say Greece just blue me away was the hardest to find. It's all Greek to me is my favorite polish I have ever found. I spent way too much money getting them all as I had to order the last 5 online and pay shipping, but so worth it since I had to have the whole set!


  6. The Greek Isles collection is one of my favourites...I'm glad I'm not the only that just had to have them.

  7. i love all these colors there fantastic and

  8. im wearing "dancing down the isles" right now. this is a great year round color since its natural, but the whole collection is gorgeous =)