Thursday, April 28, 2011

No You Can't Come In!

Thursday, and I'm finally going back into school to sort my class out for Monday next week when the kids come back. I actually hate being in school at the holidays. It's creepy with no kids!

It's another glum day, not raining, but still cloudy and cold. I wish I could stay in my toasty lounge with a blanket today. Since it's such a cloudy blah day, here's some pics of a gorgeous polish in sunshine! Another Tronica polish I managed to find on ebay.

3D Fantasy is a gorgeous coral shade. I'm really into coral at the moment. anyway here's pictures.

3D Fantasy
There's a very cute kitten outside my door meowing at me as though I'm a bad person. The trouble is I don't have a kitten and as much as I'd love to let it in...I can't. So no kitty you can't come in! It has a collar and looks well loved, there's been no missing cat notices in the letterbox. I think it just wants attention while it's owners are out. It's not the first actually got into the house the other day. That was a mission getting it out. I can't leave the door open now!

In other cute pictures check out Clio and Jaz's idea of a great place to sleep...

In the egg carton I gave them to play with...crazy girls!

And this is the new exercise regime Nick has put Barnabas on.

Nick thought Barnabas was getting too fat and wasn't using the wheel in his cage. It's hilarious watching this little green bubble roll around the floor though.


  1. Wow, it's still Wednesday over here! It's only 2:00 pm. So weird. 3D Fantasy is gorgeous! (:

  2. lol, I used to love going to school with my mom (she's a teacher) during the holidays. I used to slide down the hallways in my socks. :D

  3. That polish looks smashing on you. You have very pretty nails. :)

    That kitty wants to adopt you. Probably a bad idea with your present furry friends. I hope that he is well cared for at his home. He shouldn't be out running around. They should keep him in where he is safe.

  4. The green ball is too cute! I need a human sized one.

  5. 3D Fantasy is an amazing polish!

    I found out who owns the kitten. We live down a long drive so there were lots of neighbours to ask. Everytime I opened my door it was there yesterday. I had to get it out 6 times!

    Sorry Sam, the biggest ball they had at the pet shop was 30cm...not quite human size!