Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nail Prisms: Golden Cinnabar 10

I have recently created a new page dedicated to Sally Hansen Nail Prisms.
(It's the tab at the top that says Nail Prisms)

It puts all my Nail Prisms that are swatched, together in one place. As well as listing the Nail Prisms i know about, and showing which I have and don't have.

I thought it might help any one wanting to find out more abut Nail Prisms :)

Golden Cinnabar is a rosey colour with a helping of gold. I used three coats and was happy with the result. The duo-chrome was nicely apparent, even on the cloudy, low light day I photographed it on. 

Golden Cinnabar 10


  1. Very pretty I remember seeing these a whale
    Back but never got any *kicks self*

  2. The Nail Prisms are kinda awesome. I've sourced all mine on ebay :(

    But...I love each and every one of them?

  3. Hi Ame! Thanks for commenting on my page.
    I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a swap? I could grab you a new bottle of Nicole Make a Comet-ment and a few other polishes from the US if you'd like for some Aus/New Zealand polishes. :) OPI's really go for $24.90 there? o_O

  4. Thanks Liz! I'll send you a message :)

    Yes OPI's are expensive! They're $26.90 now.

  5. in looking at your prisms page i noticed that i have a bottle of lapis amethyst that looks nothing like yours!

  6. Lol. I think thats one of the things I love about Prisms...they're never the same.

    I'd love to see your lapis amethyst!

  7. i plan on swatching it soon, i'll send you a link when i do!
    i've had it since i was little!

  8. Thanks! Oh...thats cute. I wish I'd kept my polishes from when I was younger...but it was before I'd heard of thinner :(