Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Some Glittery Swaps

It's 7.30am which means I should be dressed and getting ready to leave for school. I'm still playing on my computer in my pajamas though!

Just a quick post to show off two of the awesome glitters that Liz from Liquid Jelly sent me in a swap.

Wet n Wild Night Prowl
 Very stunning blackened jelly with gorgeous purpley glitters. Reminds me of Lubu Heels...but not red of course.

Finger Paints Easel-y Entertained
3 coats of awesome blue glitters. Very sparkly and bling, but get ready to pile on the top coat!

Sorry my pics aren't the best, I've been debating posting them. I just couldn't get the sun when I wanted it. I'll hopefully be able to re-swatch these in the near future to show off their true awesomeness.

Thanks again Liz!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Small Haulies?

Well I'm sure I mentioned that my last NYX parcel arrived, but I never got round to posting pics. My Serena Williams sets also arrived and I was naughty and bought a polish at Farmers yesterday. I try to avoid buying from Farmers unless things are on special...but this polish was an exception.

So onward...

My last NYX parcel included 10 nail polishes and one Black Label Lipstick in Princess. I haven't taken a picture of Princess yet, but here's the polish!

Dynamic Glitter, Grand Royale and Enchanted Forest
Rum Punch, Grape Fruit, Red Bean Slush and Collection Noir

Ink, Bermuda Triangle and Bubblegum
 And of course my awesome OPI Serena Williams sets. I bought one for mum as well, seeing as she loves crackle so much.

White Shatter, Spak de Triomphe, Red Shatter, Rally Pretty Pink
 And of course my absolute splurge polish. I actually ended up paying $30.95 for this...yes that's really bad lol. But look at it in the sunlight...pretty. Yes I know other people have found it disappointing, but I still really wanted it! Butter London No More Waity Katie.

Well yesterday I spent the day re-arranging my house...there isn't a room I didn't mess with. I've moved all my polish and a little table into the study to make a nail polish corner. Now I'm on the hunt for some big frames to put up my Serenity travel posters...

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend, while I, and everyone else in New Zealand begin Monday.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Back to School Giveaway Winner

Well I've just finished sorting out the entries, making sure everyone had the right number of entries. Remind me that +2 entries for people means more work for me!

anyway on to the good news.... We have a winner!

Congratulations to Morgan Clare.
I'll email you after my movie expedition!

Also...I'm getting ready for another giveaway... I'm piecing it together slowly.
It's going to have some of my favourite make up... and of course some nail related awesomeness!
but that'll have to wait... ;)

A Pirates Day

We were planning on having a night out last night. Getting something delicious for dinner and heading to see the latest Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately on my way to school I started feeling rather ill. By the time I got to school I had bad stomach pains and felt like I might be sick. Quite a few kids from class have been off sick with a stomach bug and I'd sent two home on Thursday because they vomited. The joys of teaching children?
 I managed to last the day. MY stomach pains went from bad to gurgling and churning, which I could put up with. I just didn't risk eating! So I thought it might be better to just take it easy and rest up.

I'm feeling much more settled in the tummy today. That means it's Pirates time! Yup I'm excited. I don't care if it got bad reviews from some stuck up movie reviewer in the paper. I'm going to love every minute of it. Just like the last 3 films!

In honour of Pirates of the Caribbean I'm wearing Stranger Tides with Silver Shatter and I thought it was the perfect opportunity to show the awesome Pirates of the Caribbean collection from OPI.

Skull and Glossbones
 I'm sorry I know OPI does cheesy names...but I love this one. I love all the names in this collection actually. They're just the right balance of cheesy and fun. Anyway Skull and Glossbones, light grey beige, stone colour? Comparable to the likes of Playa del Platinum. A warm greyed shade with sandy tones still? ahhh look at the pictures, thats what colour it is! My descriptive powers are not good today.

Mermaids Tears
 One of the polishes I was looking forward to the most. My anticipation was well justified because Mermaids Tears is a gorgeous dusty, what I would called jade. It's a very pretty green that works well on most people. And hey I love a green with some blue or a blue with some green. mmmm aqua and turquoise tones!

Sparrow Me the Drama
 Must brighter pink than I was expecting. I don't have another pink like it though. Bright but still dusty. Sparrow Me the Drama is a very pretty polish and perfectly lady like as well.

Planks A Lot
 According to Nick Planks A Lot is a controversial name. I mean OPI don't want to be seen to support planking do they? *rolling eyes* Planks A Lot is however a gorgeous dusty purple. Once again bright but dusty. Very pretty and I think this one will look stunning with Silver Shatter.

Steady as She Rose
 Much paler than I was expecting, Steady as She Rose is a pretty shade in between pink and purple. It's another difficult colour to describe. But it's pretty and delicate.

Stranger Tides
 The movies name sake is a dulled, lightened khaki colour. It's one of those colours that's neutral enough with a bit of kick. The kick of course being the green khaki tones. OPI got it right, it's a strange colour, but it's rather flattering for summer as well. If only we were heading into summer. I only needed two coats. So the formulas great.

Stranger Tides with Silver Shatter
I wasn't sure Silver Shatter would be very good over Stranger Tides, but I actually do like it. Silver Shatter give the almost neutral tone of Stranger Tides a healthy dose of bling! But at the same time is subtle enough. Silver Shatter seems to work best over cremes. Every time I've put it over a shimmer my cracks aren't as big! The base colour doesn't show through as much.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Wedding Songs and Finally Some Swap Polishes

Well my wedding is now 8 weeks away, so I was talking to mum when she asked me what songs I wanted...

Umm...opps! I hadn't even though about songs. The only one I'd thought about was the first dance. I just hadn't registered in my brain that I needed more songs.

So I did a bit of googling...and found out you need a billion different songs. (ok slight exaggeration)

Prelude, processional, bridal entrance, in service, interludes, recessional, first dance, father daughter dance and last dance. I probably missed out some.

Well I told dad he could decide on the father daughter song, but I'm cringing at the idea he'll end up choosing Butterfly Kisses. I know he loves the song...but does anyone else just think it's cliche now?

The first dance song is going to be A Whole New World...seeing as apparently (according to everyone else) Beauty and the Beast isn't appropriate. Even if it's just the instrumental :(

But I have no ideas for other songs. So help! What songs did you have at your wedding? What songs are you having at your wedding? What songs would you have at your wedding?

Anyway some awesome swap polishes. These two were from Sam. So thanks Sam!

Revlon Perplex

Duri Dirty Dancing

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another Pink Wednesday

Todays pink is a special pink...it was sent my way all the way from Liz at Liquid Jelly.

When she asked me what polishes I would like in a swap I said How I Met Your Magenta please!

I watch How I Met Your Mother religiously. So I needed to have this pretty neon pink with shimmer.
As with neons it's a little sheer, but I have white white nails anyway. I love this polish, so bright and pretty. The shimmer really does make it.

How I Met Your Magenta

Back to School Giveaway

Just a quick post.

The Back to School Giveaway is now closed. I'll hopefully be able to draw a winner over the weekend
That's the problem with back to school...it's back to being busy all the time.

More Mattes

I feel like I'm having a quarter life crisis! Well maybe not that extreme...but do you ever feel like you haven't found yourself yet? Maybe I'm just not a Junior teacher, I love teaching middles however.

I didn't get a choice this year, I was kind of told I was teaching Juniors...and it's not very me. It's making me question if I really want to teach. But then if I wasn't a teacher, what else would I do? I'd love to teach art actually. I'd love to stay at home and be creative lol.

I love working with kids, but I'm not into politics, or being judged.

Anyway enough of my rambling...here's some polish. I decided to continue the matte theme and these are the two Revlon mattes I picked up.

Powder Puff
 First up is Powder Puff a very pretty delicate white with blue shimmer. Powder Puff is a pretty white I'd actually wear. It's not stark in anyway. It does take a little to dry, and it's not the mattest matte, but it is pretty.

Emerald City
Emerald City is a gorgeous green matte with shimmer. Honestly it's just plain amazing. I meant to just pick up Powder Puff, but I couldn't resist the awesomeness of Emerald City.

They're both not the mattest mattes but they don't dry to a shiny creme. So still matte.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Matte Velvet

I received my final NYX haul yesterday. So I'll hopefully get around to swatching those polishes in the weekend. I didn't realise I'd gone so crazy on the brights and neons! I put Bermuda Triangle on straight away and topped it off with White Shatter...awesome mani! Hopefully the sun shines for me to take a pic tomorrow.

I left when it was dark, and I got home when it was dark...booo winter.

At least the Autumn/Winter polish can come and play. Talking about Autumn and Winter polishes, some stunning ones are the Zoya Matte Velvets. I have 5 of the 6 polishes that were released in sets of three over Autumn and Winter 2009/2010.

First released in the Autumn of 2009 were a trio of red, silver and black. I am missing the red, Poshe. The ebay seller I bought from declined to mention it was out of stock, but didn't bother to refund me. They no longer trade on ebay...

Anyway gorgeous colours time!

Loredana: Gorgeous dark greyed silver. So shimmery and sparkly...yet matte.

Dovima: Charcoaled black? Very pretty and more interesting than a straight black. Dovima does remind me of coal. We all know what coal turns into...eventually...

Then for the Winter of 2009/2010 Zoya released another set of Matte Velvets. A green, purple and what I class as a red violet. I managed to get all three.

Verushucka: Wine bottle green...can you tell I haven't had anything to drink in a month. Very pretty bottle green with shimmer. I thought it might be close to Revlons matte Emerald City, but they are distinctly different...to me...

Savita: Described as a plum, I'd just call it a purple. It doesn't seem to have as much gorgeous shimmer, it does have some, but it's not as out there?

Harlow: I think Harlow is my favourite of the bunch. I'd class it as a red violet. To purple to be a pink but too red to be a purple. Such pretty shimmer and such a pretty flattering colour. Gorgeous.