Monday, June 9, 2014

Color Club: Girl About Town

Thank goodness it's the weekend!
The start of the week was dreary and rainy and to be honest I'm just excited I'll actually be able to get some washing done and clean my house, whilst hubby is at work. He's a good boy and washes dishes and vacuums... But that's where his expertise ends. It's just easier for me to get things done when he's out of the way!

Today I have one of my favourite collections from last year, Color Club Girl About Town. It was an odd collection for winter, colour wise, but I'm not complaining! I love the bright pops of colour in the collection.

East Austin

Pearl District

Silver Lake

The Uptown

Wicker Park


Suprisingly I think my favourite was Pearl District. I wasn't expecting to love the antique goldy brassy colour... But I did!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Pahlish: Mystery Polishes

I generally hate surprises... I like to be the one planing and in control of an event.
But I love polish surprises? I frequently order from Pahlish, I neeeds all of the duo's, and ever time I order I have to chuck in a mystery polish or two.

I love the anticipation as I'm unwrapping my parcel and the excitement when I finally see what I received.

Of course being mystery polishes, these polishes are unnamed and not available for purchase. You may be lucky and get one as a mystery polish though.

So just sit back and enjoy the pics!

With top coat

I have no idea what's happening with my pinky in this pic! Just pretend it's all neat and tidy and awesome looking!

China Glaze: Sea Goddess

I still don't know quite how I feel about texture polishes. I love the sparkle, I love the wear....but I'm so unsure of the texture! Some I love the feel off...others I get that horrible chalk hands feeling over. But the sparkle wins, so I keep reaching for more!

I ended up buying two polishes from the recent China a Glaze Sea Goddess collection. I'm still tempted by the purple, but I think I can live without it.

Seahorsin' Around
  I love all things aqua. Seahorsin' Around is no exception. It is an absolutely stunning polish. Argh, I want to wear it again just seeing the pics. Such love.

Wish on a Starfish 
Unfortunately I don't feel the same love towards Wish on a Starfish. I love the idea... Just look at the pretty golden shimmer! It just doesn't look quite right on me. I'm determined to make it work though! I want to love this polish. Maybe I'll try again in the middle of winter, when my hands aren't full of sunshine.  

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nubar: Eden

Wow! I'm posting twice in the space of a few days! I really am getting back into the swing of this.

I haven't been purchasing full collections lately. I have become more discerning in my polish addiction. I did neeeeeeed to buy the full Nubar Eden collection. It came up on ebay for a very reasonable price and next thing you know it was jumping into my cart and flying it's way to live with me.

I was intrigued by the different colours and different finishes in the collection, and seeing them in person I wasbt let down.

  A-peel-ing is a bright orange shimmer. I found the formula to be a bit thin, but nothing major. This was three coats.

Calla Lily Caramel
  Calla Lily Caramel is a rather awkward colour to be honest. Caramel with pink shimmer. It's unique. Again the formula was a rad thin, but this time I used four coats.

Dahlia Up Later
 Dahlia Up Later is a pretty Barbie polish. Little girls everywhere would loooooove it. Shimmery pink base with holo sprinkles. Three coats.

Dare You To Dragonfly
 Dare You to Dragonfly is my favourite. I love a bright aqua creme. I keep finding myself gravitating towards it as we go in to colder weather. Three coats.

Moss Mistress
 Moss Mistress is an ugly pretty. Fab forumla. I used three coats again.

Rockin' the Garden
 Rockin' the Garden is the one I wanted to be my favourite. Stormy grey blue with bright blue shimmer...sounds amazing. It wasn't quite what I dreamed though. It was thin again, nothing major, but needed four coats. The colour just didn't suit me as much as I wanted though.

Tulips To Kiss You With
 Woooooaaahhhhh! Now thus is a hot pink! Tulips to kiss you with is amazingly bright and filled with beautiful shimmer. This was three coats of pure awesome.

Wild Blue Yonder
Wild Blue Yonder is pure mermaid nails. Blue with gold shimmer and holo sprinkles. Very pretty. This was three coats.