Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Essence: Breaking Dawn

I really do love the Essence collections. I wish we got them or they were easier to track down. First world problems.

Anyway although I'm not the biggest Twilight movie fan...I did enjoy these polishes.

A Piece of Forever

Edwards Love

Jacob's Protection

Alice Had A Vision- Again
From memory I used two coats on all of them.

I'd ramble a bit more about the colours...but a picture paints a thousand words?
Actually I'm just super tired. We went to the midnight screening of Iron Man 3 last night.
So I ate too much before hand...stayed up too late...and didn't get home until 3am in the morning...
At least I had fun using full beam on the drive home, since there were no other cars on the road!

I had fun at the movie as well :)
I should be able to post my Iron Man 3 mani tomorrow.

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