Thursday, September 30, 2010

New Shoes

My gallaz were looking at bit old and not shiny new anymore. Well I have had them over a year now, and I do wear them alot!

So I was very happy to find some new shoes I can add to my collection and alternate with my Gallaz, because I do love them.

I ordered these snazzy Levi's that arrived today.

I did want the pink ones...but they were all sold out in my size, so I grabbed the denim ones fast!
They're very comfy and fit perfectly. I love shoes that actually come in half sizes. 8 is always too small and 9 is always too big. 8 1/2 how ever is just right!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

New NYX Round Lipsticks...

Although my current obsession is growing my nail polish stash, I still found time to order a few NYX goodies.
I ordered six round lippies, three of which are for my mums christmas, three lips spas and a cute cupcake lip gloss set for a friend.

The package arrived in record time, but my lip spas were missing. I emailed, but still haven't heard back. The lip spas were the whole reason I ordered in the first place. I love lip spas. Just the right amount of colour and all the yummy goodness I want on my lips.

On to lipsticks! I ordered Metis, Almost Black, Raisin, Saturn, Peach and Hebe, to replace the one mum stole! Raisin, Saturn and Peach are for mums Christmas, shes stolen my peach a few times!

Metis, Saturn, Raisin and Almost Black

Metis: Shimmery warm gold. I really only this and almost black for costume make up.I'd never wear it for an every day occassion! Though it does remind me of my Mega Shine Lip Gloss Vanilla.
Almost Black: Ooohhhhh! I want an excuse to wear this. When I was trying it out it I noticed it made my eyes look so blue. It's a pity I'm dressing as Snow White for Halloween.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Lucky, lucky me!

Today I had a nice suprise and recieved an awesome box of polish I had ordered.
It was perfect, because we were getting ready to go visit dad in the hospital after his operation.
I really needed a pick me up!

His operation went fantastically. Sitting in hospital rooms for hours on end didn't go so well though.
Especially with mums broken foot.

Lucky, lucky lavender: I bought this thinking it was more of a pale pink than a purple lavender tinge. It was a pale pink, but it did have a lavender tone.

Venus Di Violet: A pale sheer lilac with pretty pinky/purple sheen that shimmers in the sunlight. Its such a pretty colour.

Got a Date To-Knight: Brighter and thicker than Heart Throb. I think I like Heart Throb better, but I did need it for the princess collection! I'm not sure when I'll wear it...but I'm sure I'll find some time!

Calendar Girl: I really really wanted this colour and I'm so glad I bought it. It's a pretty dark bright red pink with shimmer. Ha! hows that for bad adjectives. Its pretty thin, but I'm happy with it after 3 coats and it has a pretty blue flash.

Peach-a-boo: Pretty sparkly sheer peach that shimmers pink. Another one I really wanted. This reminds me of Princesses Rule, except in peach. It looks very nice layered over Chapel of Love.

OPI...yes another order.

When I feel a bt blah I generally turn to my credit card. Yes It's a very bad habit, I'm trying to break it. It's just not so easy when I know my credit card number off by heart.

Dad was supposed to go in for his operation, to remove prostrate cancer, on Friday. It got postponed on Thursday afternoon. I was feeling a bit blah and reached for my credit card and ordered some delicious new OPI's.

I ordered Shim-merry Chic, Brisbane Bronze, Your Royal Shyness, Chocolate Shake-speare and Thrill of Brazil.

I had Shim-Merry Chic in mini size, but I really wanted the full size. I know some people hate it, others love it. I'm not sure I love it, but I do like it. I can see myself wearing it at Christmas time.

Shim-merry Chic
Your Royal Shyness was the last polish I needed to complete the Princess Collection. It was the one I was not sure I needed. I'm so glad I bought it, because I love it. Its such a soft pearly very very pale pink. It's almost white. It's such a pretty colour and finish.

Your Royal Shyness
I love Brisbane Bronze. It's an amazing bronzey colour that comes alive and dances about in the sunlight.

Brisbane Bronze
I've been feeling rather into browns lately. So Chocolate Shake-speare was perfect. It's a tad thick, but wow it's an amazing colour. It's gorgeous, I'm in love. It's exactly what I wanted.

Chocolate Shake-speare
Thrill of Brazil is a red. It's a true red. It doesnt have really have pinky undertones. It's a red red.

Thrill of Brazil

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Chapel of Love...

Just because I like the name! I actually did order more than just chapel of Love.
You can't just buy one polish!

I'm inclined to say that I just received some of the nicest colours I've ever seen. They are quickly becoming some of my favourites.

I ordered Chapel of Love, Kinky in Helsinki, Senorita Rosalita and Thanks so Muchness.
The only one I'm not crazy in love with is Thanks so Muchness.

Chapel of Love, Senorita Rosalita, Kinky in Helsinki and Thanks so Muchness (in terrible lighting)
Chapel of love is fantastic, yes it applies a tad sheerly and I needed 3 coats but still had some visible nail line. It a coraly pink with the tiniest shimmer that just looks so summery and pretty on. It's gorgeous. I'm in love.
Chapel of Love

I'm in love with Senorita Rosalita as well. I was so disappointed when I put it on inside in a dark shady room. It looked so dull and dark. Then I walked outside. It was amazing. The light picked up the gold shimmer and it danced. The colour was perfect not dull and drab. I thought in the shadey dark room it made my hands look dead. But then I realised with a little light it came alive. Even with the light on inside it dances.

Senorita Rosalita
And my other new love, Kinky in Helsinki. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. Dark pink magenta with a blue flash. Its so vibrant and lively. Awesome colour for summer. I promptly applied Kinky in Helsinki to my toes.

Kinky in Helsinki
And lastly Thanks so Muchness. This is the only one I didnt fall in love with. That doesnt mean I'm not in like with it, just not love. The colour was very similar to Affair in Red Square and I found it difficult to tell them apart when swatched. Well I would have if it hadnt been for the pink flecks in Thanks so Muchness. But then I wasnt really thrilled with them, it seemed to make it apply not quite as well. I don't know, I tried appling it and botched it completly and I'm blaming the polish at the moment!

Thanks so Muchness
And for comparison...

Affair in Red square

Thursday, September 16, 2010


We went un-conditional! It's our house no one elses, all ours.

The agent said they've had so many calls, people wanting to see the house. It's been very popular, at least that's reassuring for re-sale.

I thought putting an offer in on a house was stressful, well I can now say getting all the conditions met is even more so.

We offered alot more than the rateable value of the house, so we were so worried our finance wouldn't come though. Lucky for us we found a very nice honest valuer .
The house value came up more than we had offered!

Our finance was accepted, our lawyer did the title search and all we had to do was wait for the LIM report.

We waited, and waited and waited. It finally came back on Tuesday, there were no problems and we were able to go un-conditional on Wednesday.

Settlement day is October 15th, so now I need to choose paint!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Star's Midnight Mission

I love China Glaze Midnight Mission, but as much as I love the colour alone I had to play with Revlon Star.

Revlon Star is a glitter top coat that combines silver hex glitter, small silver holo glitter and small purpley glitter.

The silver glitter popped against the midnight blue, but the purple was harder to find. I think the combination was very pretty anyway!

Friday, September 10, 2010

OPI Nude and Silver

Yes, I have a bad addiction to online shopping, but I just couldnt pass these up.
I really wanted Tickle My Francey and I couldn't just buy one polish, that wouldnt justify paying for shipping.

So I bought Tickle My Francey, Birthday Babe and Happy Anniversary.

Tickle my Francey, Birthday babe and Happy Anniversary

 Happy Anniversay: A sparkly silver polish much like Princesses Rule! It's very pretty, even if I don't think I'll be wearing it too often. It's a nice colour to layer over other polishes to add sparkle. I did just buy it for the name. Yes I plan to wear it on our

Happy Anniversary
Birthday Babe: Just like happy anniversary I bought this polish for it'd name. I do plan to wear it for my birthday. It's a pretty silver, not exactly my normal shade of polish, but i'm trying to be more adventurous.

Birthday Babe
Tickle my Francey: Tickle my Francey is everything I'd hoped it would be. Such a pretty nude colour. It makes my nails look so clean and nice. Nice is fabulous adjective...but it seemed to fit in my mind.

Tickle my France-y

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OPI Loot

I've been looking for the perfect shade of pink polish. It's not easy, because I don't know exactly what shade I think is perfect for me! Awhile ago I ordered some new OPI's including Aphrodites Pink Nightie in hope it would be the perfect pink.

They arrived today. I ordered Aphrodites Pink Nightie, Greece Blue Me Away, I'm a Princess You're Not and My Daddys the King.

I'm a princess, you're not, My daddys the king, Aphrodites pink nightie and Greece blue me away
My Daddys the King: A pearly peach. A very soft pretty shade to wear. It's a bit gloopy, but nothing I cant live with.
My Daddys the King
I'm a Princess, you're not: a pretty pearl shimmer. This shines different colours in the light. It's a fabulous polish to use over other polishes to mix them up or to hide some mistakes.
I'm a Princess, You're Not
Greece Blue me away: A very pretty shmmery blue. I found it to be a very soft polish. I only wore it the night, because next morning I had fabric marks in my nails from my sheets. I didnt go to bed with wet nails, they were dry.
Greece Blue Me Away
 Aphrodites pink nightie: I'm not sure if this is the pink I'm looking for, but it's very pretty. It reminds me of roses.
Aphrodites Pink Nightie

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Delicious shades of OPI

Yes I have a problem. I am addicted to shopping online. It gives me a little high when i click buy, and another when I hear the courier knock at the door.
It's like Christmas when they all arrive at once.
I ordered more OPI's last night. I did it before we knew if we'd won our house.
I wanted a pick me up just in case.
It arrived before 8am this morning.

Flower to Flower, Wing It!, Meet Me On the Star Ferry and Yes, I Can, Can.
I can't wait to wera Flower to Flower! I'm not sure about Wing It! the colours just so odd. Meet me on the star ferry looks gorgeous, though I'm not sure I'll be wearing it over Spring! Maybe I should have stuck to seasonal colours. Yes I can, can is so rich and gorgeous I want to put it on my toes straight away!

Flower to Flower

Meet me on the Star Ferry

Yes I can, Can

Wing It

Saturday, September 4, 2010


No I'm not just excited that my darling is working nights and I wont see him all weekend...actually thats not a happy thought at all! I am excited because finally everything is going right.

On Tuesday I was out of class, still feeling very despondent, yet starting to get back some detirmination. I was finding it hard to concentrate on my planning, so decided to search houses.

I found one that had just been listed, was under our budget, had 3 bedrooms and was in a nice area.
Soon as I got home I showed mum, who was very kind and rang up the agent for me while I made dinner.
We went to see the house Wednesday with Nicks dad and loved it.
Thursday we got the agent to drop off the papers so we could make an offer and arranged to go back with a friend of the family, who is a builder and dad on the Friday.

When we arrived we were suprised to see other people there, four other groups were seeing it at the same time. There was so much interest in the property. The agents told us that the offer they had said would be coming in, came in that afternoon. So it was going to be multiple offers. My heart sank. We've had bad experiences with multiple offers. We went home and got our offer sorted and handed it in.

The house went on the market Monday, we saw it Wednesday and by Friday there were three offers.

It was a very nerve racking hour and a half while we waited for news...
and finally the phone rang and we were told congratulations.

So we bought our very first house!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Moon Boot

We had an excitin night last night.

Dad has been trying to get to bed early in preparation for his operation.
I was in bed, as I always go to bed early on school nights.
Nick was playing on the Xbox.

Mum was trying to get the cat into the laundry.

Our gorgeous cat is getting to be an older lady now. She how ever thinks she can take on any of the younger cats, or try it out with wild cats in the park near our house. She can't.
She's had too many trips to the vet and costs us far too much money to patch up!
If only she was actually a good fighter.

So she stays inside, in the laundry at night with a kitty litter tray.

So mum was trying to sort Harry out, it was pourign with rain, and she slipped down the stairs.
She couldn't move, didn't have her cell phone on her, and no one could hear her calling for help.
Somehow she manged to get inside again. I heard and came racing down to sort out the problem.

She couldn't put pressure on her foot, so I offered to drive her to the hospital. She was very certain she didn't want to go though. So I bandaged her up and helped her up to bed.

Next day she went to the doctor, doctor sent her to hospital, hospital sent her to xray, xray said "'ve broken your foot" and she got put in a moon boot.