Monday, April 11, 2011

Black Eye and Tink Pink

Well it's almost a black eye. Bruising has started on my nose and in the corner of my eye.
I managed to last less than 5min doing my playground duty today.

A couple of year 6 boys were kicking around a ball...that happened to land directly in my face.
Unfortunately it wasn't a nice soft school ball, it was an omg hard soccer ball from home.

I've got some tiny scratches on my cheek, a bit of swelling, a lot of red and the start of some bruising. Hopefully I don't wake up tomorrow with a full on black eye!

I've been feeling like pretty delicate colours here's BB Couture Tink Pink. Another polish I bought to test out as a wedding colour. It has possibilities. Pretty and Pink? Check! Soft glitter? Check! Reminds me of Disney? Check...Tinkerbell! 

Tink Pink
This was four coats and you can see I got lazy, so it got a bit thick and gloopy. Never mind Tink Pink is so pretty and girly. Very much so a princess polish! It made it into my short list for wedding polishes.

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