Thursday, May 31, 2012

Indie: Lush Lacquer

I am an etsy addict. I don't like all the indie polish drama...but omg I love indie polishes.

One indie polish that is fast becoming one of my absolute favourites is Lush Lacquer.
Lush Lacquers have an amazing range of glitter polishes. So far I've worn five of the polishes I bought and my class have loved them.

Today I have three to show off.

Birthday Cake
OMG. Birthday Cake is amazing. White shimmery base with so many glitters. I love the strings. I used three coats.

Slime Time over CG Gaga for Green
I tried Slime Time alone but it was a bit thick for me when I had to do three coats. Slime Time is how ever an awesome glitter topper. I think next time I'll wear it over a darker green... maybe CG Near Dark.

Spring Fling over CG Dance Baby
Spring Fling was another that could be built up but I decided to layer. Such a pretty shimmery pink with green! Awesome combo and very spring appropriate!

My favourite of the ones I purchased is Birthday Cake, it's just amazing in person.

Monday, May 28, 2012

RBL: Fan Collection

So I have a problem... I think the correct term may be shopping addiction...
Confessions of a Shopaholic? Rebecca Bloomwood ain't got nothing on me.

I'm trying to reform... but it's just so hard when stunning collections like the RBL fan Collection come along and then they say LIMITED EDITION. Limited edition screams at me with neon flashing lights and tells me I need to buy it...

I did only buy three of the polishes... at $20 a pop and with the shipping basically equaling the price of a fourth bottle I decided I didn't need IKB:2012... but then it sold out and all of a sudden I need it. I don't even really want it... I just need it. I think I need professional help. Luckily for my credit card I wont be trying to get my hands on IKB:2012. I am thoroughly happy with the three gorgeous polishes I got :)

Aqua Lily


Aqua Lily is most definitely my favourite though...

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Dollish Polish: I'll Have What She's Having

This is the last of my Dollish /Polish polishes for awhile... at least until we get some more sunshine. Unfortunately we're coming into winter so it's getting dark earlier and we're getting more and more cloud cover.

I expected I'll Have What She's Having to have better coverage, but I got over that when I found what I think is the perfect base for it. Color Club Foil Me Once.

Two coats of I'll Have What She's Having over Color Club Foil Me Once 
 Very sparkly and very shiny. I think It's a fabulous combination.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Dollish Polish: Mythical Creatures

Argh, all week I've been meaning to post these amazing polishes from Dollish Polish. I thought I'd put the pics I needed into a draft blog post so all I had to do was add some ramblings... but no apparently I lack the skill to save pictures to a draft. Lol.

In all honesty every time I've gone in to the draft to edit it and get it ready for posting I've wondered where are my pictures? It's taken me til Saturday to realise it wasn't my computer playing up... I just never loaded the pics in the first place!

So a few days later than I intended....

Here's Dollish Polish the Mythical Creatures collection.

Three coats of Dragon's Breath

One coat of Pegasus Wings over a polish I've forgotten...opps.

Two coats of Mermaid Scales over OPI Fly

Two coats of Pixie Dust over a black creme.

In other exciting news the new Dolly Does Polish polishes I ordered arrived yesterday. Yay. The names have been cracking me up. I can't wait to get them swatched... lets hope for some sunshine today.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Dollish Polish: A bit of Spam

I should be planning and organising for my class tomorrow... But hey I deserve a break...right? And maybe some chocolate...

Anyway pretty glitter always puts a smile on my face and I love Dollish Polish glitters.

Ecpecto Patronum

Putting on the Ritz over Zoya Sookie

The Three Best Friends That Anyone Could Have ( I plan to try this over Misa Fountain of Youth in the weekend)

One coat of Random Dancing

Two coats of Random Dancing over a pink OPI (I can't remember which I ended up using)

Team Salvatore over Revlon Stone Washed

Does anyone else find black glitter squares can get clunky? I mean they just sometimes seem to be thicker than the other glitters.

Argh back to planning for me... It's my night to do work. Nick is at work until 9pm so I work until then. Generally with MTV on... but still working!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Dollish Polish: Valley of the Kings

I can't stand all the drama surrounding indie polishes... in saying that I love so many of the awesome polishes that are being created. I find my self gravitating towards awesome glitter top coats. One indie polish creator I love is Dollish Polish.

I've made a number of purchases from Dollish Polish and can honestly say I've loved every single polish.

One collection I umm and ahhhed over back in the good ole days when you could actually think about your etsy purchases was the valley of the Kings collection. I was never fully convinced when i saw other bloggers swatches and decided I didn't need it.

A wee while a go in one of the famous 'grab all you can' restocks I decided I really did need the collection, but I'd get the mini's just in case. REGRET. Why oh why didn't I buy the full size!
These polishes are now in the vault... just as I finally found the perfect red/silver/black glitter in A day in Cairo.

Walk like an Egyptian
Walk Like an Egyptian is a stunning brown/bronze glitter. I honestly have nothing similar in my collection.

A Day in Cairo over 
This polish was a massive surprise for me. I was expecting the wishy washy red base with silver glitter and large black hexes that I'd seen on other blogs... but instead it's awesometastic and the exact polish I'd been searching high and low for. I thought Team Salvatore would be my perfect red/silver/black glitter topper....but I found the perfect polish in A Day in Cairo. I'm not sure if the polish was reworked...but I love this version.

Bow to the Pharaoh
Zomg... gold and blue. I want to go watch Joseph and the Amazig Technicolor Dream coat now... hahaha. Anyway wow. Why didn't I buy the full size!!!!

Travelin' the Nile
Travelin' the Nile is another of those polishes I'd been searching for. The perfect blue glitter top coat.
Seriously enlarge this pics you have to see the detail. Travelin' the Nile looks just like little droplets of water... little blue glitter droplets of water...?

Scarab is amazing. this was another that doesn't fully look like the swatches I've seen...but i'm not going to complain because I am in love with this polish. The mix of colours is amazing. Seriously enlarge these pictures to see the array of colours in scarab. Blue, green, gold, black, brown, purple...

Palm Fronds
And lastly Palm Fronds. Palm Fronds is an amazing green glitter. I love the various shapes and sizes used. Squares! Hexes! but mostly squares! there's just something about square glitter...

Now I'm off to have a relaxing day of hanging around the house... although I'm starting to feel inspired to rearrange the furniture...

I'l hopefully have 2 or 3 more Dollish Posts this week.... so stay tuned for more awesome glitter!

Ohh... and If anyone is wondering which polishes I layered on top of...

Tan= OPI San Tan-tonio
Blue= China Glaze Sky High
Green= China glaze Gaga for Green