Saturday, April 27, 2013

Picture Polish: Paradise

I want all the Picture Polish!

But no seriously as soon as I saw Paradise was selling out fast...I needed it. Ok...I needed it before it was selling out... I have a serious addiction to any shade of teal.

I knew as soon as I bought Paradise it would be announced it would become permanent...and it did! So you too can pick up this gorgeous polish.

Picture Polish Paradise

 I picked up Paradise from Gracie Lou one of the NZ distributors of Picture Polish (and the only NZ distributor I would personally use). Next time I buy Picture Polishes I'll be buying from overseas though unfortunately the prices have gone up again. All bottles collaboration or standard are now $19.50 each. With  shipping on top. I understand the collaboration ones are always more expensive. But to rise the prices on the standard bottles as well?

The other distributor who shall remain nameless sells collaboration/opulence polishes for $22.95 and standard for $18.95.

Gah first world problems!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lime Crime: Les Desserts

I have been meaning to post these piccies since forever!
Ok so slight exaggeration... I mean Smokey did buy them for me for Christmas. Gotta love that my cat knows how to use my credit card...and exactly what to buy me! Clever kitty!

The Les Desserts polishes received rave reviews in polishland and came in gorgeously cute I had to have them. They also filled a gap in my pastel collection. I tend to steer relatively clear of pastels.


Peaches <3 br="" cream="">

Crema de Limon

Once in a Blue Mousse

Milky Ways


Parfait Day
Ohhh now I wish I'd rearranged my photos into rainbow order. They make the perfect rainbow of pastels.

For pastels they have good formulas. I'm a habitual 3 coater I did 3 thin coats of each.

Anyway...thank you Smokey for an awesome present.

(I tried to post a piccie of Smokey....but my computer had a tantrum at the idea. Hopefully I'll be able to edit one in tomorrow)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Essence: Breaking Dawn

I really do love the Essence collections. I wish we got them or they were easier to track down. First world problems.

Anyway although I'm not the biggest Twilight movie fan...I did enjoy these polishes.

A Piece of Forever

Edwards Love

Jacob's Protection

Alice Had A Vision- Again
From memory I used two coats on all of them.

I'd ramble a bit more about the colours...but a picture paints a thousand words?
Actually I'm just super tired. We went to the midnight screening of Iron Man 3 last night.
So I ate too much before hand...stayed up too late...and didn't get home until 3am in the morning...
At least I had fun using full beam on the drive home, since there were no other cars on the road!

I had fun at the movie as well :)
I should be able to post my Iron Man 3 mani tomorrow.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Dandy Nails: Just a Little Spam

Argh. Bad blogger!

Luckily it's the end of term. Thank goodness!
Since Easter I've been absolutely had it. Just a complete lack of energy. The kids have been just as bad as me. So many tears this week!

Anyway here's a quickie post to confirm my alive status and show off some gorgeous Dandy Nails polishes.

I love Dandy Nails. I buy mine from Ninja Polish. The shipping is always super fast to New Zealand as well.

Eager Eyes

Wonderwall accent over CG Electric Beat

Wonderwall (3 coats alone)

Come Out and Play (3 coats alone)

I have since added four more gorgeous Dandy Nails polishes to my collection... Hopefully I'll get them posted in the holidays! Have I mentioned the holidays start at 3pm today....