Tuesday, April 19, 2011


So I spent all morning...from 7am till now sorting out the entries to my giveaway and making sure everyone had the right amount of entries. I have been up since 4am...so I had time! (yeah...I wasn't feeling too good, but it seems to have passed now the suns out)

Then Nick got up and helped me with the whole random number generator thing. He put 1 to 280 into a sequence generator so that the top number would be the winner? Boys...but it worked. It found a winner.

Number 88...Annelise!

So congratulations Annelise. I have emailed you, and you now have 3 days to reply.

Thank you so much to everyone for entering and making my first giveaway a success!


  1. Congrats girl! :) I'm happy for you. :)

  2. Congratulations, Annelise! She won one of my giveaways, too! :)

  3. Some people just have all the luck don't they!
    I wish i could give everyone something though!

  4. Wow, lots of work.
    Congrats to Annelise.

  5. Yeahhhhh BOIIII! THANKS so much!