Saturday, May 7, 2011

NYX Spam: Round Lip Gloss

Continuing my NYX spam...these are the NYX Girls Round Lip Glosses.
Not as awesome as the Mega Shine Lip Gloss, but still some great colours and they're amazingly cheap...especially when they're on sale!

First Row: Apricot, Frosted Red, Doll Pink, Soap Oprea Queen and Sparkle.
Second Row: Strawberry, Ballerina Pink, Shiny Ice, Kiss and Baby Pink.
Third Row: Sorbet, Whipped, Caffe Latte and Chocolate Moose.


  1. So shiny.. @_@ I really like the look of Doll Pink and Soap Opera Queen!

  2. Hi! I love these swatches. I tend to avoid really shiny lip glosses, but I love the colors! I also tagged you for an award my site. :)

  3. Great swatches, it helped me to decide on Sorbet! Thanks!