Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nail Prisms: Emerald Amethyst 05

Todays Nail Prism is Emerald Amethyst 05. Amethyst is one of those words I always want to spell wrong. I want to spell it Amythest. Luckily I know how to spell it, but it doesn't stop me almost spelling it wrong every time I type it.

Emerald Amethyst is a rather drab Nail Prism...or at least my version is. A dull greyed amethyst and more of an olivey green than an emerald. In saying that my pictures were taken on a rather cloudy day. I've been waiting patiently for some sunshine so I could get betters pictures...but the sunshine isn't coming back at the moment.

Emerald Amethyst 05
There's so much promise in the name...Emerald green and Amethyst purple. Emerald Amethyst conjures up a vision of a stunning vibrant green/purple I guess it was slightly disappointing. But it was almost a two coater, I did three because that's what I do. And I should appreciate the pretty duskiness and stunning duochrome that it does produce, but I own Nubar Purple Beach...and that wins hands down! I really need to get Emerald Amethyst in better lighting. Here's Nubar Purple Beach to compare. Although these pics are in better lighting so it's slightly unfair.

Nubar Purple Beach