Sunday, July 10, 2011

NYX Round Lipsticks: New Shades

Thank you to everyone who entered my giveaway. There were 166 individual entries. Over the next week I'll sort out all the extra entries and use to generate a winner. I love NYX make up, so I'm looking forward to sharing some of my favourite items with a lucky winner!

On the theme of NYX make up I thought I'd share some swatches of the new Round Lipsticks I purchased from Beauty Joint. These are from the new colours that were released for summer.

 I may as well start with my surprise favourite. I bought Shiva for mum, not me...turns out its amazing on me and not so much mum! I love Shiva it's the right balance of super hot pink and blue flash.

Haute Couture
 Haute Couture is one of those berry shades with a smidge of gold...that absolutely washes me out. It looks too dark on me and sends me deathly pale. It does however look fabulous on mum, who is who I bought it for.

Peach Bellini
 Yes I know awkward pic! But none of the others turned out so you can just ignore the awkwardness and looks art the colour. Peach Bellini has so much promise. Such an amazing colour...but the texture is awful. The shimmer in Peach Bellini seems to be larger and rougher than usual.

 Ah, pretty girly pink. Creamy and delicate. Blush is the perfect pink on me. Not too light or bright, a hint of nudeness. Perfect pink.

Iconic is the perfect everyday lipstick for me. It's a much better match for my lips than Thalia. Thalia is slightly too mauvey and cool for me. Iconic however is the perfect pink nude for me.

I've never felt self conscious about hair on my face, but my new cameras macro is evil for lip swatches. I was debating not posting them. But hopefully everyone was distracted by the pretty colours!

I ordered a few more of the new Round Lipstick colours, so hopefully they'll be here next week :)


  1. Those are pretty colours. I think that a few of them may work for me. :)

    I didn't notice the hair. I hate having that fine, light fuzz on my face, so I just shave mine. :D

  2. thank you for the swatches!
    i've been searching for some swatches online.

  3. Lovely swatches. Peach Bellini and Blush are my favourites. :)

  4. Blush and Ionic is on my wishlist now ^^
    Thank you for the swatches! It really helpful :)