Sunday, January 29, 2012

China Glaze: Eye Candy

I'm a little behind with swatches...especially seeing as I got these before Christmas... and it's almost February.

It's that crazy busy time of year for me. I've been busy setting up class, attending meetings and getting ready for the first day of school on Wednesday. I also decided it was a good idea to completely change the layout of all the furniture in the house. Yeah, maybe not such a good idea...

Anyway today's polishes are the China Glaze Eye Candy collection.

Lorelei's Tiara
Marry A Millionaire

Love Marilyn
Blonde Bombshell
Some Like it Haute
Material Girl
Ohhhh.... I just applied China Glaze Skyscraper... but now I'm craving some of these pretty glitters... one on every finger? Might just have to make my 'back to school mani' one of the Eye Candy polishes.

Not much talking tonight...I'm just so tired. It's only 7.30pm but it feels like 11.30pm to me. I'm shattered for some reason.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Essence: Chuck and Blair

Well happy Wellington Anniversary Weekend. Is it just me or does a public holiday in the middle of the holidays totally not count? I didn't even realise it was Wellington Anniversary until my darling informed me he wasn't working Monday. I must say that was a highlight for me. I was pretty happy I'd get to spend Monday and Tuesday with him as I go back to school this week. The kids come back on the 1st of Feb so got to get ready.

Today I went with gorgeous blue Essence nails. I love this shade of blue. It's just a very flattering colour to wear. I am a blue girl after all. blue looks good on me. Its the whole blue eyes thing I think.

See what I mean? Gorgeous flattering blue colour. It's slightly dustier than it appears in my pics. I actually wore Chuck alone today. Seriously shiny blue nails was perfect for my outfit. But Chuck has a twin... So if you want to spruce Chuck up a bit add a coat of Blair.

Chuck and Blair
Blingtastic blue nails....yes please!

Hope everyone in Wellington had a fabulous Anniversary weekend and caught the sun that was out this morning....yet dodged that heavy rain yesterday. Our weather is bizarre!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

NYX Round Lipsticks: More New Shades

About 6 months a go NYX released some new shades in their popular Round Lipsticks. I love the NYX Round Lipsticks. Yeah, it's a pain I have to order them from Cherry Culture, Beauty Joint or ebay... but they're still crazy good value compared to the price I'd need to pay here for the range of colours and awesme pigmentation. I love colour... NYX Round Lipsticks come in such a massive range of colours... and I may own a large amount of those colours... There's always something that matches the look I want.

Hot Pink
Chic Red
Well there's the four colours I hadn't already swatched. Just gives a better idea of the colours than the online swatches that NYX has.

Now I feel really self conscious about my mouth... So I think I'll end todays post now!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Polish Sale!

Time for some shameless self promotion.

Help me pay my credit card by some of my polishes! check out my Trade Me account for some pretty awesome polishes. There are some hard to finds, some rares, some hard to get brands in New Zealand...

Unfortunately I can only sell polish within New Zealand. If you are from New Zealand and do want to buy some polish...let me know you read my blog and I'll give you a $1 discount per polish you buy.

My Trade Me account

If you live overseas and want to check out my Trade Me account anyway... I have some pretty awesome Disney Ornaments for sale and over the next week hope to have some clothes up. Shipping will cost more though to ship them overseas.

And of course pics of said polishes:

I still need to list my OPI's (there are some black labels) and my China Glaze polishes (Sexagon may be included...I hear rumours!).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wairarapa Adventure (Picture spam)

For christmas we were lucky enough to receive a nights accommodation in the Wairarapa, and it included a full cooked breakfast....yum!

I was so nervous driving over....but I survived and now I could totally drive anywhere. I'm thinking Ohakune in the next school holidays...

We went to the hotel, checked in and went exploring.

Queen Elizabeth Park
The bridge to the miniature railway
Me by the duck pond
We decided to eat dinner at a family restaurant over the road from the hotel.

We had a word search competition wit the kiddie placemats...
Then we walked back to the hotel for dessert.

zomg... chocolate overload....
The next day was gorgeously sunny and we popped down the main center to get some packed lunches and set of to explore. Our first stop was 'Stonehenge'. Yes they really did just build a replica of the real Stonehenge in the middle of the Wairarapa. it is however set to align with the southern hemisphere stars etc.

Stonehenge Wairarapa
The star sign obelisque thing... I was listening honest...
Then we got in the car and set the GPS...omg the GPS was a lifesaver I would never have found the right roads otherwise. they're all little country roads. Anyway we drove out to Palliser Bay, well almost all the way, we stopped at the Putangirua river bed. trekked up that for an hour and a half and saw this amazing scenery...

Putangirua Pinnacles
Putangirua Pinnacles
This was one of the filming locations for Lord of the Rings.

Me at the Putangirua Pinnacles
Looking out to the ocean on the way back to the car
After that exhausting walk we drove back to Greytown to buy fruit and ice creams. Best frozen yogurt ever. they put real fruit in and mixed it in front of you. Yum yum.

Blueberry and Strawberry frozen yogurt
And that is why i put back on all the weight I'd lost! So ahhh....lets see how this week goes!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Essence: Gabriella and Troy

We're off on an adventure today. Driving to the Wairarapa. That means I need to drive over the Rimatukaa. Argh. I've only ever driven over once and that was coming home so on the hill side....not the sheer drop side. Nervous.

At least it's Monday and should be quiet. Hopefully  the 50k roadworks are still  happening so I can drive uber slow!

Anyway here's an Essence Twin set, Gabriella and Troy. A nice happy purple shimmer and purple, gold and blue glitter top coat.

I love that blue shimmer. A really nice purple polish. I used two coats here, but may have used three if I was going to wear it alone.

Troy and Gabriella
Gorgeous set.

Wish me luck for driving! I'm going to focus on not driving over the edge...

Friday, January 13, 2012

Catrice: Dirty Berry

I ordered this gorgeous polish at the same time I ordered the mass of Essence Colour and Go polishes. I just forgot to add it into a photo.

I don't really know much about Catrice other than I saw Dirty Berry and I wanted it.

Dirty Berry is a very pretty light purple with a gorgeous subtle holo. I'd say it was comparable to the holo in the CG Tronica polishes...though more holo?

Catrice Dirty Berry

I wonder how close it is to Gamer Glam... I meant to do a comparison, but I seem to have misplaced my bottle of Gamer Glam. It's somewhere in the house... probably in the same place as my black shirt and my favourite black work dress... they mysteriously vanished. At least I found my black one piece swimsuit that vanished as well, it was brand new. I bet Gamer Glam fell behind my shelf. When I find it and have sun again, I will compare them!

Revenge of the Scales

'Revenge of the Scales' sounds rather ominous but I did get a  rather nasty shock when I recently bought some new scales..

The other week, after New Years, when I was looking back at last years resolutions, I came to the conclusion I weighed the most I had ever, ever, ever weighed. I added 3 evers as I'm really quite shocked at myself. At the start of last year I was 67kg (148lbs). I made a resolution to eat healthy and exercise properly and was quite keen on getting back down to 60kg (132lbs). especially seeing as I was getting married in July.

ha ha ha. Yeah that didn't work out so well for me. I was stressed with work, eating emotionally, ordering take aways because I was too tired to cook and didn't think I had enough time to exercise. by July I was 68kg and my dress that fit perfectly at 67kg just fit.

Playing in the water in Rarotonga
The all important wedding dress
After the wedding I kind of avoided the scales, got even more stressed with work and felt rather unhappy with myself to be honest. I bought some fancy new scales in the New Year sales, set it up with my personal data and jumped on... 76kg (167lbs).

Christmas 2011
I moped for a few days and accused Nick of letting me get 'fat'.

Then I hardened up. I remember the year I'd had in 2011 and the bad habits I'd formed. Sure, I had a bad year and I put on weight but it's a new year this year and I'm going to change my habits. I might not have control over some of the things that added stress to my life last year, but I have control over my habits.

So this years resolution was simple: Form good habits.
Eating, exercising, prioritising, productivity...

So far I've been sticking to my new 'cook everything myself and eat healthy' food regime. I've had a few sugar withdrawal headaches, but i'm eating so many yummy berries that it is totally worth it. I've been trying to walk rather than use the car, which works if I'm just popping down to the post office or the supermarket but not to get to work. I've been drinking a 2L jug of water each day, trying to keep on top of the house work and trying to make sure I exercise each day.
I'll be setting up my classroom and getting organised for school to start back up next week. I was going to go in today, but it was rainy and I didn't want to lug things back and forward from my car to classroom in the rain.

As of today I'm back at 73kg (161lbs).

I've told myself that for every kg I lose I'm allowed to buy one bottle of nail polish. Until then no polish purchases...Yes, I am bribing myself with extrinsic rewards.

***Please note that I don't think that 73kg (161lbs) is fat, I just know my body and that it's not the right weight for me. I will never ever be super model skinny and I don't ever want to be. I'm 166cm and I love my curves, but they were starting to go the wrong way!***

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Look What's Coming Up...

Just some quick bottle shots of some of the polishes I plan on posting this summer. After I've tidied the house and set up my classroom of course... Because I always do what I have to do... I don't procrastinate by posting on my blog...

HITS No Olimpio
Hits Flakies
Essence Colour and Go
Essence Colour and Go
Essence Vampires Love and Hello Holo
Then there's the polishes I got for Christmas and a few other bits and bobs to look forward to! I might get a chance to photograph them at some stage... You know after I've tidied the house...

(This is not a haul post, just a bunch of untrieds I took bottle pics off)