Monday, November 29, 2010

Summer Days

Summer has kicked in! We've hardly had a cloudy day for the last 3 weeks. I'm starting to get a sandal tan, and have a lovely designer bracelet, watch strap tan. Nick tells me white however isnt a shade of tan :(

A polish collection that is one of my favourites is the Summer Days collection from China glaze in 2009. Unfortunately it doesn't wear very well on me. All the polishes are rather sheer and need 3 coats, but most importantly they are all glass flecked!

 Orange Marmalade is a stunning bright orange with golden glass flecks. It's a beautiful colour that looks amazing for summer. There's something about orange polish that screams summer to me.

 Cherry Pie is a reddish orange polish that seems to have light pinky glass flecks in it. It'd not one of the colours I would usually wear, but it's still rather pretty and I do like the name!

Raspberry Festival is the pinky red in the collection. Laced with pink glass flecks it reminds me of a raspberry Popsicle. That fake raspberry that you find in confectionery. mmm....sugar!

Strawberry Fields is an amazing pink colour. It's so stunning. Bright pink with golden glass flecks. It's just so pretty. 

Grape juice does remind me of an ice cold juice. I'm not sure it's the colour of grapes though! The silver glass flecks do remind me of a refreshing beverage though.

I tried to get away with only using two coats of Watermelon Rind, and you can see why you need to use three coats for these polishes! Watermelon Rind is a pretty blue tinged green that looks very edible even if I don't eat the rinds of watermelons myself!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

OPI Flit a Bit

My nail polish today is a stunning orange creme, Flit a Bit, from OPI's summer collection this year.

I purchased three of the four colours from the collection. Flit a Bit, Wing it! and Flower to Flower. I love the three I own. I passed on Catch me in your Net, I'm kinda lazy when it comes to glittery nail polishes and the removal, and by the time I wanted it, it was harder to find! Oh well I do have Orly Halley's Comet.

Flit a Bit is a very pretty orange creme, It's the perfect orange, I wouldn't call it yellowed or reddened. Just orange. I love it, so bright and cheerful for summer.

Flit a Bit
 It looks yellowed in these pictures. That's odd. Its very orange on my nails!

Hmm....Different lighting, it looked more orange on my camera screen, but then on here it looks washed out again! I give up. The top picture shows the dress, and reason why I decided to wear Flit a Bit today!

Some random China Glazes.

For Audrey

/Liquid Leather

Fairy Dust, Golden Enchantment,Fairy Dust, Golden Enchantment over Liquid Leather

Fairy Dust, Golden Enchantment,Fairy Dust, Golden Enchantment over Liquid Leather

Emerald Sparkle

Lubu Heels


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Butter London

A polish I have been drooling over lately is Butter London's All Hail McQueen. It's a gorgeous holographic taupe in honour of Alexander McQueen. Whats not to love?

Perfect for work, yet with a bit of sparkle.

Yes I got my dirty mits all over it! It was rather expensive, and it's only 11ml. I'm not sure I'll be investing in any more of the Butter London polishes. It did how ever get me a $20 voucher to use at the shop I bought it from. Yay for beauty rewards.

All Hail McQueen
This may just be one of the worst pictures I have ever taken, but it was dark and I was all out of light.

NYX Mega Shine Lipgloss

I'm not very into lipgloss normally. I hate sticky lips that lose their colour fast. I'm much more likely to just wear a balm or if I want colour to wear lipstick.

NYX Mega Shine lipglosses changed my mind about glosseses. I love them! They apply smoothly. They are gorgeously pigmented in beautiful shades. They aren't sticky. They last a long time.

I wore Vanilla out the other day. I went out before 10am and didn't get home untill after 3pm. I didn't reaply my lipgloss once!

The only downside to the Megashine glosses is that the colour swatches are not true to life. It's so difficult to choose the right colours.

Sweetheart, French Kiss, Sponge Cake, Smokey Look and Vanilla.
Lollipop, Candy Shop, Cooper Penny, Rust and Salsa
 Top: Sweetheart, Lollipop, French Kiss, Sponge Cake and Vanilla
Bottom: Rust, Cooper Penny, Salsa, Candy Shop and Smokey Look.



Sponge Cake

French Kiss

Candy Shop


Cooper Penny


Secret Santa...

I normally dread Secret Santa's. Buying for someone you work with, but don't really know and being limited to spending $5.

I love buying presents and try to buy things that I know will be loved, not cheap joke presents. So I find the concept of Secret Santa difficult...and I always over spend!

This year for Nick Christmas work function I was lucky. I got someone I know relatively well, and knew immediately the perfect gift. I know she loves her OPI's so I ordered her a China Glaze polish. Lubu Heels.

My secret santa knew about my nail polish obsession as well. They gifted me a pretty purple polish from Bling and some polish remover wipes.

It surprised me. I'm not really keen on purples, but I loved the colour on me. It made me want to run out and buy more purple polish. It also applied smoothly, this was 2 coats.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Midnight Kiss

I can't say I was really feeling Midnight Kiss. I bought it because I thought it looked prettier than Jingle Bells.
But then I thought I'd wear it for Deathly Hallows tomorrow, and after a bottle of wine whilst preparing to watch Half Blood Prince, Midnight Kiss is my new favourite nail polish. It's so shiny and gold. So reflective and shiny. Did I mention it's shiny!

I really do like Midnight Kiss, I applied it in the dark. Nick had all the curtains pulled playing Black Ops. I couldn't really see it untill I went into the kitchen, and then it was breath taking. All the flaws I'd seen vanished and my nails were beautiful shiny gold!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bowling Snow White

Last night was the Christmas Function for Nicks work.

The theme was movie characters and most people dressed up.

We started the night bowling, then had a delicious roast before ending the night at a local pub with a quiz and secret santas.

Bowling was fun. I'm a terrible bowler and my Snow White costume didnt help!

Yes my tongue is sticking out, I'm concentrating!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bahama Blues

I just received the Bahama Blue collection by China Glaze. I've been craving Bahamian Escape and Caribbean Blue for a long time and finally they are mine!

Bahamian Blue is a beautiful sky blue. It's brilliant and bright and I'm completely in love. It applied smoothly in 2 coasts. The first coat was slightly runny.

Caribbean Blue is my favourite from the whole collection. Bright sky blue with glass flecks, absolutely brilliant. So gorgeous as it sparkles in the sunlight.

Blue Island Iced Tea is another beautiful glass fleck polish. A shimmery medium blue with glass flecks, delicious! I can see why Blue island Ice Tea is a firm favourite with many.

 Blue Pearl is exactly what it says. A gorgeous medium blue pearl. It applied smoothly in two coats and had a beautiful shimmer.

Bermuda Blue is a gorgeous blue creme. It applied rather jellyish. Fabulous colour!

I had a few issues applying Calypso Blue. Unfortunately the lid had come undone during shipping, the polish spilt and became slightly tacky. It is  a nice darker blue. Navy with out appearing black.It applied rather jelly like and would have been smother if it hadn't have been for it's shipping accident.

Up and Away: Brights

I may not have felt much love towards the up and away pastels, but I'm loving the brights. As soon as I got them I rainbow skittled my nails.

Heli-yum is a delicious bright deep pink. It covered beautifully in 2 coats, though with most of these brights I thought I may be able to get away with one coat.


High Hopes.
Another delicious colour, it reminds me of delicious juicy fruit. A vibrant orangey/coraly colour. I know some people dislike corals, but I really like them. They always seem to pop against my skin. Not to mention it's so summery.

High Hopes

Happy Go Lucky.
The only one I needed three coats for, and that was because of my careless application! It's a bright sunny yellow that screams sunshine. I never thought yellow would look good on me, but I really do like Happy Go Lucky.

Happy Go Lucky

Four Leaf Clover.
Four Leaf Clover is an amazing vibrant green, in person, via camera it dulls out and turns a blue shade of green. Four Leaf Clover is a true green and its amazing. I've found my St Paddys day nail polish for years to come.

Four Leaf Clover

Flyin High.
A fantastic shade of blue. Slightly dusty with a slight teal tinge. Not a true sky blue but a beautiful colour.
All of these polishes are perfect for summer and Flyin High is no exception.

Flyin High

Grape Pop.
I have issues with purples, I just think they don't suit me. If I wear amethyst jewellery it casts a green tinge on my skin. So I'd been umming and ahhing over getting myself a nice vibrant purple creme. Grape Pop is amazing. It completely squashed my fears of purple. It photographed a tad too blue, but it's a vibrant true purple. Even better, I actually think it looks good on me!

Grape Pop