Sunday, April 17, 2011

No Buy Check In...

So I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be on a no buy the last couple of weeks.

Lets see how I went!

It started when I needed I Vant A-Lone Star, but I couldn't just order one polish... These were however ordered just before I declared a no buy. So they don't really count...right?

Too Hot Pink To Hold 'Em, San Tan-tonio, I Vant To Be A-Lone Star and Catch Me in Your Net.
 Then I saw that the BYS colour change polishes were I had to stop in an buy the glitters. Then the Salmon caught my eye and I thought "why not?"

Blue Glitter, Purple Glitter and Salmon
 And I haven't kept my Nail Prism obsession secret, so how could I pass up Garnet Lapis, Emerald Amethyst and Purple Diamond LE (hopefully more holo than my version).

Garnet Lapis, Purple Diamond LE and Emerald Amethyst
 I didn't really buy these next two over the last 2 weeks, but they arrived on Thursday. ZOMG! Yes that is Octa-gone Wild and How About a Tumble.

How About a Tumble and Octa-gone Wild
 These last two lots of polish are my uber naughty ones. These are the polishes I didn't need, weren't really on my wishlist. Yes I wanted them but I hadn't thought about them for awhile...
but I still ordered them. I blatantly ignored the fact I'm supposed to be saving for our wedding, and buying polishes is not as important...but now I've almost finished the 2004 Greek Isles Collection and I have the complete 2008 Retro Fun In The Sun collection. I thought Calling All Goddesses or Cream of Crete might work as a wedding polish...?

Calling All Goddesses, Cream of Crete, Ti-tan Your Toga and It's All Greek To Me.

Give Me A Coral Sometime, Lemonade Stand By Your Man, Sit Under the Apple Tree and See Ya Latter Sailor.
Yup I failed miserably...
It's official I have an online shopping addiction.

How do you go with no buys?
Can you mange to buy no polishes?


  1. I have the same problem. I'm on a no buy to save for our wedding to. Although I have more restraint than you. It's all Greek to me was one of my first OPIs and still one of my favorites. So I can excuse that purchase. And the kaleidoscopes *wants*

  2. That Salmon colour looks gorgeous!!!

  3. They are all great excuses love them!!!

  4. When's your wedding Lisa? We're getting married in July...yeah I really have to kick the spending thing. At least most things are paid now.

    Thanks to everyone who is helping me justify my purchases!