Friday, April 22, 2011

Mum...I got a new Pet!

**Caution** Don't read if you can't stand mice!

About 2 weeks ago my gorgeous, very cute and friendly mouse died. It was very sudden and I was rather sad.

That Saturday I ventured down to the pet shop... They only had two mice! I felt so sorry for Barnabas I had to bring him home with me. He's full grown and very skittish. He's really not so keen on people so it's taking ages to tame him. Unfortunately he didn't replace my poor little Ted.

Barnabas will be going to school when the term starts again...and staying there as a class pet.

Then I found someone willing to sell me a couple of baby girl mice very cheaply. Yay! They're babies so they'll like me? But I needed a new cage for them. So I went to the other pet store...and they had so many mice. We watched them for ages. And then we saw the cutest little fella. Nick had to have him.

Theodore the 2nd
Yes he named him Ted again...much to our 5 year old nephews disappointment (No no no he's not Ted). Ted is Nicks mouse. The first night he was at home, Nick actually put a heater on in the room Teds cage is in...He was worried he would be too cold!

I actually rang mum saying Nick bought a new pet, she started panicking that Nick had bought a puppy! 

Then I got my girls. They were just too cute...I couldn't choose...

How could you separate that!
Lucky the cage I'd bought for them was a nice big cage!

Foxy Roxy
Maggie (She's just over 3 weeks tiny)
I know some people, ok a lot of people really can't stand mice, but I love them. I don't think I'd be keen on owning a rat though! Mice are cute and little, they don't take up much room or need to much looking after. They're friendly, well most mice are and they're inexpensive. The mice was $4....the puppy I wanted was $600...


  1. Aww they are so cute!! Especially Maggie!

  2. I love mice, they are super cute! :) I've had rats, gerbils, hamsters and I must admit that my favs were the gerbils - they are so much fun (and smell less than rats). One day, I want to have mice too :)

  3. Ohhh thanks everyone for thinking they're cute! I know a lot of people can't stand mice, but I love my new little pets.

    We don't have gerbils or hamsters in New Zealand so it's mice for me!

    Maggie is a little rascal. She waits until the other 3 are asleep then dives right underneath them and hides herself in the bodies.

  4. You're little babies are adorable! I didn't know mice grew that big. At first I thought they were baby rats. I used to have pet rats and I still miss them.

  5. Oh! Thanks :) these guys are actually on the small size. Except for barnabas...Nick makes him 'push play 30min a day'. rolling round in his ball hahah