Thursday, June 28, 2012

China Glaze: Tequila Toes

I've been meaning to post these gorgeous polishes for a while now, but just never felt the time was right.

There's two days left until the holidays start. I'm out of class on release today and tomorrow we're having a 'Golden Day' a fun day to reward the kids who have been good all term. I'm really starting to feel the holidays now!

So what better way to celebrate than with the China Glaze Tequila Toes collection. Unfortunately I haven't been able to track down Tequila Toes or It's 5 o'clock Somewhere. I do have four stunning polishes from the collection though...and there is no way I'm ever parting with any of them. Just one look at these polishes puts me into holiday party mood. I want to sip cocktails by the pool now! Ok...that would probably be a bad's gorgeously sunny here right now, but absolutely freezing. Blah winter!

100  Proof Pink
One of my favourite pink polishes ever. 100 Proof Pink is a stunning summer pink filled with glass flecks.

No Way Jose
I love love love No Way Jose. Very similar to another alcoholic China Glaze polish Shaken Not Stirred, but more purple and less pink. I love the glass flecks in these polishes, the silvery shimmer against the creamy base. This is a 3 coater.
Drinkin' My Blues Away
If you are in love with Drinkin' My Blues away and don't need it for the name alone hunt down Blue Years Eve from the holiday collection last year... they are almost identical. Blue Years Eve has better coverage, but I needed this one for the name! 3 coats. 

On the Rocks
On the Rocks is a pretty although very sheer polish. The aqua flash is ever so pretty when layered. This was 4 coats. Told you it was sheer!

Unfortunately this collection is pretty difficult to find and can go for crazy prices on ebay. I was lucky enough to find these polishes at reasonable prices on ebay. You just need to do a bit of searching and work out how much you're willing to spend to get this glass fleck beauties with alcoholic names! Everyone needs a polish called Drikin' My Blues Away...

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Indie: Aqua Daisy

Argh. End of Term-itis is catching up with me. So much work to do, so little time to do anything in. I'll be spending my two weeks of holiday getting ready for parent teacher conferences and writing a billion reports. At least I'll be able to sleep in!

And now on to sparkly polishes!

Aqua daisy is a fabulous seller on etsy. Her holo polishes have received a lot of love and for good reason...they are stunning! I tend to steer towards sparkly glitters and I bought these gorgeous polishes.

Watermelon Splash
Watermelon Splash is my new favourite jelly red black glitter polish. I was thinking 'if only i had a red jelly with black and green glitter in it' for ANZAC day... and now I have the perfect polish! Much more interesting than Nerd Lacquer Warrior Ethos. And check out the pretty holo sparkles.... and it's a pinky toned red. Nom nom!

Beauty School Dropout
Beauty School Dropout is another pink black and white polish. It has a pretty pearly sheen and holo sparkles. Unfortunately my sun was turned off and i didn't get the sparkles in :(.

Purple Heart
Drool! Seriously look at the richness of the jelly of Purple Heart... the glitter perfectly caught in the layers...I'm in love.

You're a Firework
You're a Firework is insanely pigmented. The top picture is only one coat. The next two pictures show two coats. You're a Firework has holo hexes and a few bars as well as red hexes. Rather patriotic!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Nerdlacquer: Firefly

I am a sci fi and fantasy dork. In all honesty I have the entire collection of Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis... including the SG-1 movies... yeah dork alert lol. I loved Terranova purely for the fact I could see so many other series in it. I'm currently watching the entire collection of Buffy...interspersed by Angel...

But my favourite of all is Firefly... I love Firefly. I knew I had to have the Nerd Lacquer trio. Shiny and Gorramit are words I have assimilated into my vernacular.



I Aim to Misbehave
Now if only some would make a candyfloss polish called My Food is Problematic... A shiny red called The Ambassador.... A brown shimmer called The Legs... Too Pretty to Die....

Ohhh just imagine the polishes...

Monday, June 11, 2012

Sinful Colors: Spam

Argh. I have a pimple. I never ever get pimples. Even as a teenager my skin was always pretty much awesome. It's one of my points of vanity, I hardly ever wear foundation and when I do it's Benefit Some Kind of Gorgeous... which most people complain about and don't count as a true foundation. Don't look at me like I'm a bad person! Everyone has things they are vain about.
I'm vain about my skin, my blue eyes, my nails and my boobs. Seriously I'd rather paint my nails than do my hair in the morning.

Anyway I have the monster pimple from hell on my nose. Right on the curve of my nostril. Argh. It's all sorts of evil. I swear it's almost a second head. No really it's gross... So how do I get rid of it?

So i'm sure everyone would rather see pretty nail polish than hear about my pimple woes. Here are some of the awesome Sinful Colors polishes I own, but have never got around to posting. If you're looking for Sinful Colors in NZ try the pharmacy in Naenae. I know scary place to visit...but that's where my doctor is and the Life Pharmacy next door has Sinful Colors.

Pinky Glitter


Dream On

Pearl Harbour over Dream On

So tell me....

What are you vain about? or am I truly just plain crazy!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Paris Sparkles

Paris Sparkles has a fabulous range of polishes available on etsy. I haven't seen too much love for Paris Sparkles in nail polish land but these polishes deserve some love.

I was a little dubious to order from Paris Sparkles because I hadn't seen many swatches and the polishes always seemed to be in stock. Always being in stock is awesome, but very different to the usual indie polish madness. I'm so glad I purchased these polishes because Paris Sparkles is awesome. The quality of the 7 polishes I purchased was fab and the colours were pretty darn awesome. The only down side to Paris Sparkles is the range of polishes's so hard to choose which to buy next! I want more Paris Sparkles glitters.

Celery Stalker
 If you look closely you can see the smattering of holo goodness that Celery Stalker has. Amazingly this is a pastel green that looks good on me and a sprinkling of glitter never hurts!


Mardi Gras
 I haven't managed to capture it but the shimmer in Mardi Gras is awesome.

Burst of Blue
 Whoah! this is one vibrant polish. There are larger hex glitters in the mix as well, but I didn't managed to grab one for my swatch.

Copper Sunset
 I need more Paris Sparkles glitters. Seriously Copper Sunset is amazing.

Election Day

Pink Speckled
Pink Speckled is the same idea as Celery Stalker just in pink, unfortunately my sun disappeared so you can't see the sprinkling of holo.

I have more of a voice today, but it's still coming and going. I plan to stay snuggled up and warm today. I have a few books I'd like to read and some Teen Mom episodes to catch up on.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Little Bit Naughty with Dollish Polish

Long time no post!

I've been wrapped up in a book series and been very busy with school. We had a magic show on Thursday night. It was super cute seeing the kids do magic tricks but I didn't get home until after 10pm.
Now I've gone and lost my voice. The last two days I've basically been able to make squeaks that sometimes resemble words. Nick has been thoroughly enjoying my lack of voice and told me to yell for him if I need him. So sympathetic.

Anyway here's the four polishes I picked up from the Dollish does Polish collection from Dollish Polish.

Baby Gravy

The Walk of Shame

Dinning at the Pink Taco

A Bad Case of Blue Balls
I know a lot of people were disappointed that these weren't glitters, like the polishes Dollish Polish is best known for, but I really like the four that I picked up. They're nice bright summery polishes and the names make me giggle like a teenager.