Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nail Prisms: Ruby Topaz 37

Todays Nail Prism is another 'ruby' but this time it's gone pink not red.
Ruby Topaz is a very pretty pink toned ruby that flashes gold and neutral tones depending on the angle of you nails!

Ruby Topaz 37
I actually really like Ruby Topaz, it's a pretty feminine colour that would be suitable to wear for most occasions. It's subtle enough yet has a very pretty duochrome to it. This was three coats, although I could have worn four.

Sometimes I think these subtle colours may be prettier than the in your face colours. They're more elegant.


  1. I am also a New Zealand based nail polish addict and have just discovered your blog. Would love if you shared some of the sites you use to buy from online!

  2. Awesome! I'll post where I buy a bit later :)