Sunday, April 3, 2011

Down the Rabbit Hole...

I've never really bought BYS polishes before. I'm always attracted to the mass of colours every time I walk past the display at the mall, but I'd never actually purchased anything. It was always a sensory overload for me. Too many colours, confusion, no polish :(

But that changed when I bought the three polishes that were released as a special Alice in Wonderland collection. Now I want more. I want the colour change polishes, I want the crazy glitter polishes and I'mcurious about the BYS crackle and UV polishes...

Through the Looking Glass, Adventures of Alice and Down the Rabbit Hole.
Three Wonderland themed polishes, packed with glitter.

Down the Rabbit Hole
 OMG. Stunning black jelly filled with gorgeous holographic glitter. Down the Rabbit Hole is amazing. Unfortunately all three polishes stink to high heaven, but they can be forgiven for their awesome sparkliness.
Next time I wear Down the Rabbit Hole I will wear a black polish underneath. It's fine alone, but I'd really like to give it that extra inky darkness.

Adventures of Alice
 A mix of purple, green, silver and gold glitter in a clear base. Adventures of Alice could be built up to opacity. I used two coats and got this look...I can't decide what colour I'd want to layer this one over. White? Black? Silver...Maybe over China Glaze Cheers to You?

Through the Looking Glass
Through the Looking Glass is blue glitter with tiny gold glitter in a clear base. This one needed a good shake to get the glitter evenly distributed in the bottle. Once again this is two coats but it could be built up to opacity. I really like this vibrant blue glitter. I really want to try it layered over a sparkly gold.

Remember I'm more than happy to swap if you'd like some of these BYS polishes!
I plan on popping in to the mall to check out the colour change polishes that just came out tomorrow. I think I need purple and blue...

Then it's no buy except for wishlisted things...(OPI Pirates and Serena Williams collections)
Luckily I still have a few orders on their way to me!


  1. BYS is an awesome brand. I find it hard to source here in NZ though, where do you get yours from?

  2. There's an overwhelming supply of BYS at Cosmetics Plus in our local mall. I had asumed that Cosmetics Plus was a national chain, but I'm not sure. The odd colour is available at Glassons as well. (The lady at Cosmetics Plus today said they're getting a heap of new colours in, in the next week or so as well)