Monday, April 18, 2011


Well it's a very exciting day. My giveaway is now closed, and I'm going to spend some time double checking everything and finding a winner. I'm debating...get Bradley to draw the winner out of a hat...or use a random number generator...

Thank you to everyone that entered! I was expecting 10 or so entries, since I only had 27 followers.
But there were 88 people that entered and I now have 110 followers...craziness!

Thank you to everyone who answered my nosey questions! Some of you made me feel much better about my collection of nail polishes, a lot of people have around the same number as me! As for polishes that you wish they'd bring back... The holo's were very popular OMGs, Kaleidoscopes and My Private Jet especially, Liquid Euphoria's (which sound awesome), Clairins 230, Rainforest, Mad as a Hatter, Nail Prisms, Merry Midnight, Some OPI DSs, Streetwears and so many more. Yup we want a lot!

Talking about Streetwears...I used to have the most awesome bar glitter Streetwear. I was given it for my 13th birthday...but it got gloopy and I...*gasp*...threw it out. I'm still kicking myself for that move.

Anyway, to answer my questions myself...

According to my spreadsheet I have 395 polishes. Not including double ups or treatments.
According to my count I had just over 400 not including double ups or treatments...hmm...I think I should sort out my spreadsheet.

The polish I wish they'd bring back is...Nail Prisms! Then I could collect them all. In saying that there are so many polishes I want that will never come back. And not all of them are holo or duo-chromes! I had a long list of wishes...but my computer restarted (aka Nick wasted the battery, and I hadn't saved my spreadsheet. That probably explains the discrepancy between my count and spreadsheet)

Since the number of polishes I own has ris3en, I've been finding it harder to store all my polishes. This is my current solution...

Unfortunately all but one of those crates is full... The white material draw is where I hide all my nail wheels...there's a lot of them! The shelf holds my BB Couture, Lippmanns, some nail prisms, OPI mini's and Zoya samplers. The clear shoe boxes were how I stored my stash for awhile...but it didn't work as the boxes weren't strong enough. Now I'm storing random brands in one (LA Splash, Milani, Kleancolor, No.7 etc.) and Wedding appropriate polishes in the other.

If that's not bad enough...

This is my 'Christmas Tree' coffee table. The purple box is my 'to swatch' box and the white box holds more of my nail prism collection, top and base coats and 'to swatch' that don't fit into my purple box. Yup that's Lemony Flutter hanging out on the table and in the glass is my giveaway polishes...just hanging out next to the remover and chocolates.

It gets worse...I didn't take a picture but I also have a large amount of polish in our kitchen to. Just chilling on our cabinet. That's the stuff to swap or the ones I'm selling. I had the philosophy 'buy one for me and one to sell' for while...then I got lazy. So I haven't actually been selling them!


  1. Congrats on the blog success! You have a nice collection. I haven't even hit 100!

  2. Wow, 400 polishes! That's amazing... specially if you are a fan of holos and glitter, which I am also! I'd love to take a better peek at your collection. Maybe you could show us your favourites?

  3. Thanks minty!

    Lol...400 is a lot...I have to do a sort through this holidays and donate some to mum to make more room. So I could take some pictures!