Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bottle Spam

Over the last two weeks I've been very lucky. I've managed to find polishes at the top of my wishlist, for reasonable-ish prices. Ok, so I totally more than I should have more a couple...but they were still cheaper than what I would have had to pay in New Zealand at retail price. Talking about price of polish in NZ, I noticed yesterday that OPI was over $26. That's crazy.

These are the beauties that have arrived for me to play with over the last two weeks.

You Got Soul-ar, I Always Get My Man-darin, Get Your Lem-on and The :Lime Starts Here.
 These were the last few polishes, I didn't originally order from the Wicked Sweet and the Starry Temptress, Color Club collections. To be honest I can see why I didn't order them to start with, but Get You Lem-on and Always Get My Man-darin have some gorgeous shimmer in them. Unfortunately I think they smell like cleaning products. Blah citrus scents.

3D Fantasy, Hyper Haute, Gamer Glam and High Def
 Tronicas! I was so excited when these arrived yesterday. I wanted Gamer Glam for Nick, not for him to wear...but so I could dork out and wear it to game with him. lol...yeah. The Tronicas may not be crazy linear holographics but they are pretty and definitely have a 3D effect happening.

Kaleidscope Him Out, He's Going in Circles and Rated Holographic.
 I managed to get my hands on six of the China Glaze Holographics before Christmas, Nick gave them to me for Christmas. I've been searching for more ever since. I managed to find 5 more on ebay. Octa-Gone Wild and How About a Tumble are making their way to me from Europe, but these three arrived yesterday! If only I could find Visit Me in Prism...then I'd have the whole set!

DS Sapphire, DS Signature, DS Original, DS Passion and DS Diamond.
 These are my first DS polishes. These retail for close to $40 in New Zealand...So I haven't felt the need to purchase the DS polishes before. That is until I googled OPI DS...then I needed them. Original is my most expensive polish to date. It cost me more than my Lippmanns...just...but at $18 it was still cheaper than NZ prices, even if that was US$.

I Juggle...Men, So Many Clowns, So Little Time, Step Right Up and In the Spot-light Pink.
 I'm still on the hunt for the perfect wedding polish.I hoped my perfect polish might be in the Femme de Cirque collection from OPI. Gorgeous light shades and a pretty tiny flaked top coat...I just might find the polish I'm looking for! It would help if I had any idea of what I wanted...

Love Your Life, Lets Get Star-ted and Gone Wishin'
Respect the World, It's Possible, Enchantress and Jade in the Shade
 I managed to get these Nicole's on ebay in a set, for a reasonable price. I really wanted some more of the novelty glitters and had a serious lemming for Respect the World. As far as I can tell Jade in the Shade is more frosty while Respect the World is sheerer and has more shimmer. I'm looking forward to comparing them in the sun. If we get some sun today!

Through the Looking Glass, Alice's Adventures and Down the Rabbit Hole.
Ocean Breeze, Candy Kisses and Peppermint.
 I love that these BYS polishes look more like frankens than something normally produced by polish companies. The first three are special Alice in Wonderland themed polishes and the bottom three are Diamond Shimmers. They're all crazy glittery. Down the Rabbit Hole is my favourite. Awesome black jelly with holo glitter. BYS are very easy to get a hold off in NZ and compared to other polishes, very cheap. The Diamond Shimmers were $5.90 and the Alice in Wonderlands $8.90.

Happy Birthday and Ruby Red Slippers.
 Lippmans...drool. Although to be honest I'm not feeling Ruby Red Slippers or Across the Universe. Well not as polishes by themselves. They get too clumpy with all that glitter. They look so much better layered, but that's just my opinion. Happy Birthday is awesome. I needed it even though I have the pink glitter Milani Gems. Happy Birthday is so celebratory.

Tink Pink and Sea of Cortez.
These are the other two polishes I ordered from BB Couture with the four from the Touch of Greece Collection. Tink Pink is supposed to be another option for a wedding polish and I just really wanted Sea of Cortez.

Wow, that is a lot of polish. Luckily I don't have much on order at the moment. I really should do a no buy...but I doubt I'd cope!

I other exciting news I joined the On Wednesdays We Wear Pink club, so on Wednesday I'll be rocking Pink. Love Mean Girls!


  1. Wow, you always have/get the most amazing new polishes!!! Awesome! :)

    P.S. I'm a part of the "On Wednesdays We Wear Pink" club, too! Yay for pink! :)

  2. Thanks! I have a really bad addiction to shopping online nail polish addiction encourages it!

    Pink is awesome!

  3. Wow, so much awesome sparkly goodness! And yay for BYS - besides Mode, they're pretty much the only polishes I buy at retail price here.