Monday, April 11, 2011

BYS Colour Change...

Glitter Purple is an amazing polish. It is part of the new BYS Mood colour changing collection. I picked up Glitter Purple, Glitter Blue  and Salmon on Thursday night.

I had so much fun on Friday with my nails. It was a chilly day outside but inside was deliciously warm.
Every time I went outside my nails changed, every time I went back inside my nails changed.

Glitter Purple, Glitter Blue and salmon, with flash inside just after application.

Glitter Purple Inside with Flash. I never thought I'd love visible nail lines so much...
Glitter Purple outside as my nails are changing on a chilly morning.
Glitter Purple, inside my freezing classroom because the heaters weren't on.
Glitter Purple inside my classroom as I started to warm up
Glitter Purple inside my toasty warm house
I used a base coat, three coats of Glitter Purple and a top coat. As you can see the base and top coats didn't effect the colour change. The kids loved watching my nails change, and I did as well!


  1. love the effects!!! its so fun to just watch them change color.

  2. I love how visible the colour change is! With some of the others, it's quite hard to tell. I still haven't seen these in stores round here - might have to resort to ordering from Fashion Addict.

  3. If you want I can pick you up a couple. I think the Glitter ones had the best colour change. Then we can do that swap lol.