Wednesday, April 27, 2011

NYX Haulies

I didn't really break my no buy...These were purchased and arrived a little while ago.

To be honest if I can't remember the exact date....then it doesn't count as breaking my no buy...which has been going so well...hahaha. I'm useless at no buys. Although I haven't ordered anything online for the last 2 weeks. I did however pick up a couple of polishes when I was in Porrirua last week. I really do have to get serious about my no buy though. I just finished paying my wedding dress and veil...and next month I'll have to shell out for the alterations that need to be done. I have been good and resisted most things on my wish list. The only polishes I wont be resisting are the Pirates of the Caribbean ones.

It seems like quite a few people have been buying up NYX Girls polishes lately. I joined that club and placed an order on Cherry Culture when it was 20% off. I ordered 16 polishes...when you're paying for international shipping you have to make it worth it!

Woman, Kinky Pink, Chick lit and Dreamy Glitter

Buzz Worthy, Sunday Afternoon, Gilded Glitter and Carnival.

Algae, Sea of Cortez, Boho and Emerald Forest.

Charcoal Pearl, Robotic, Ink heart and Indigo Blue.
The Nyx Girls polishes come in cute 10ml bottles. I haven't had any problems with the brushes and I'm quite happy with application. I think I managed to get a very nice array of colours but there's still more I'm eyeing up!

I was planning to swatch these over my holidays, but the weather was yuck. Rain and more rain. Winter seems to be hitting. Then I broke my nail. Soon as there's a sunny day and my nail doesn't look quite so stubby I'll swatch these properly! Until's a nail wheel.

Dreamy Glitter, Chick Lit, Kinky Pink, Woman, Sunday Afternoon, Buzz Worthy, Gilded Glitter, Emerald Forest, Boho, Algae, Sea of Cortez, Indigo Blue, Ink Heart, Robotic, Charcoal Pearl and Carnival.


  1. Ooo I was just thinking of ordering some NYX Girls last night! Thanks for the swatch wheel, and I look forward to full swatches :D

  2. Hopefully I can get them done in the next few weeks...I just hate the idea of swatching with my stubby broken nail!

  3. Dreamy Glitter, Sea of Cortez and Sunday Afternoon are my favorites--so pretty!