Monday, August 30, 2010

Mini OPI's

I had a bit of fun on ebay and may have gotten slightly carried away. I ordered a bunch of the OPI mini's.

The mini's are tiny. Absolutely tiny.

I ordered Go Goth. The 2010 Halloween polishes, featuring Sanguine, Obscurity, Nevermore and Unripened.
I also thought I'd grab the 2009 Halloween polishes, with Witch Arm, Tattoo Want Candy, I Love Mummy and Glow-Ink the Dark. I needed to round of the Halloween collection.

Obscurity: Matte black.  Nevermore: basically OPI Ink. Sanguine: Blood red. Unripened:" Black with turquoise shimmer.
Witch Arm: black creme. Glow-Ink the Dark: rather sheer glowing cornflower. Tattoo Want Candy: bright orange creme. I love Mummy: White creme.
Glow-Ink the Dark, Witch Arm, I love Mummy, Tattoo Want candy. (All one coat only)
I also felt the need for some mid year christmas cheer, so I ordered the 2009 Mini Merries.
I am in love with Shim-merry Chic! Must get full size.

Mini Merries: Comet loves Cupid, All a-Bordeaux the Sled, Holiday Glow and Shim-merry Chic.

Shim-merry Chic, Holiday Glow, All a-Bordeaux the Sled and Comet loves Cupid.
 Shim-merry Chic: as I said I love this colour. Antique bronzey gold with glitter and flecks and sparkles and shimmer. Christmas.
Holiday Glow: I really didn't like this one. Its just too brown and dirty for me. Although I loved it layered over All a-Bordeaux the Sled.
All a-Bordeaux the Sled: A dark vampy wine red. Not really my colour, I'm much more of a pink girl. I do like it with Holiday glow layered over top though.
Comet Loves Cupid: A bright red creme. I like this colour but I'm not really a red nail girl.

All a-Bordeaux the Sled with Holiday Glow layered on top, Holiday Glow and Shim-merry Chic.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks Swatches

Finally swatches for my latest NYX round lipsticks. I have decided not to keep darling, apollo, milan or strawberry milk. Harmonica was too light for me so I'm just not sure I could pull off Strawberry Milk. Milan was too close to B52 and Heather and I just cant see myself ever wearing Apollo or Darling.

I had meant to sell Sierra as well, but I had an unfortunate accident and dropped it. Its relatively unscathed but not in pristine condition to what else could I do other than try it out!

Frosted Beige: A really nice shimmery colour. More pink than beige in my opinion though.
Peache: I'm guarding this one. Mum's taken a fancy to it. I wouldn't call it peach. Though it does remind me of the fuzzy peach skin. That purpley colour meeting the peach and mingling
Rosebud: Pretty princess pink. More pink than Jupiter.
Topaz: A gorgeous colour. Unfortunately this didnt stay in my hands long before it was kidnapped by mum!
Watermelon: A golden shimmery watermelon. I like this one better than Indian Pink
Vitamin: a gorgeous shimmery peachy pop of orange. Yes it does kind of look like vitamins! At lease it makes my face look all nice and bright and cherry. 

Hebe: oh how I love Hebe. It's such a beautiful shade of red. I feel so glam.
Sierra: I honestly can't decide what I think of this one. Its almost like dirty, muddy, milky clay. Reminds me of Firefly when they visit Canton and are introduced to mudders milk.

Friday, August 27, 2010

More gorgeous OPI!

As well as my very long awaited for package of NYX eyeshadow trio's I also received a nicely bubble wrapped parcel of OPI nail polishes.

These arrived in record time. I ordered them as some retail theropy when I was feeling unsettled and uneasy on Wednesday while we were waiting for news and they arrived with the courier on Thursday morning before 8am.
I would highly recommend Beyond Beauty for buying your OPI nail polish.

After much debating I decided on colours I wanted.

Nomads Dream, Who needs a Prince?, Dancing in the Isles and Affair in Red Square.
Nomads Dream: I just had to have, I saw a beautiful swatch somewhere on the internet and knew I needed it. I'm not sure its really me, but I'm determined to make it me!
Nomads Dream
Who Needs a Prince?: Who needs a prince when you have this gorgeous colour on your nails. I just need to look at my nils and it cheers me up. This is perfect for me with 2 coats. Sheer and shimmering. I love the tiny red shimmers in this sheer white polish.
Who needs a Prince?
Dancing in the Isles: I'm looking for the perfect pink. I'm not sure that I found it. Dancing in the Isles is a beautiful colour. I wore this today and wasn't feeling it. I think it's more of a summer polish than a "I wish it was summer so I'm going to wear a summer polish with my winter white hands".
Dancing in the Isles
Affair in Red Square: wow, I'm in love. This is an amazing red. It glows from within. The perfect shade of red, the perfect amount of shimmer, the perfect glow. It's just plan perfection. I can see myself wearing Nyx round lipstick Hebe and Affair in Red Square on my nails.
Affair in Red Square
Nomads Dream, Dancing in the Isles, Affair in Red Square and Melon of Troy
You may have noticed that Melon of Troy magically appeared. Melon of Troy made it into my collection as I realised I now had an odd number of polishes and still felt the need to indulge in some more retail therapy.
I needed milk, so I drove a little out of my way to the mall and bought milk and stopped off to buy Melon of Troy as well. I was after the perfect peachy coral. I'm pretty happy with Melon of Troy so far!

Melon of Troy
Melon of Troy

Thursday, August 26, 2010

NYX Eyeshadow Trio's

Thursday was an awful day. Absolutely horrible.
It rained. I felt sick. I wanted to hide under my blankets. I didn't want to face my class and teach them.

On wednesday we found out that because of our offer on a house, two other parties had also made offers, and we wouldnt find out the results untill after 4pm. We had to up our offer and re-sign and I was a nervous wreck. It's the third house we've offered on.

5pm that night we found out we'd lost out to a cash buyer. To an investor. The house we desperately wanted would become a rental. Thursday morning I was still feelig very negative. We cant compete with cash buyers with few or no conditions.

Lucky for me I don't stay down long, so by Thursday lunch I was feeling much more optimistic and even wanted to be around people again.

When I got home I had a nice suprise waiting. Four parcels.

One of those parcels was these gorgeous NYX eyeshadow trios. I'd been waiting for them for almost three weeks!

White/grey/black, Guru, Casablanca, Anti Diva, Baby pink/cotton cady/spring flower and Hippie Chic
Pretty colours!
Guru, Baby pink/cotton candy/spring flower and Hippie Chic
I've only tested out three of the six trio's. I'm not sure if I need all of them...I am supposed to be saving to buy a house! These three are gorgeous though. Very soft, easy application and very true to colour on my eyelids.
The only complaint I have is that the palettes are difficult to open. Great for chucking in your purse, they wont come undone, but not so great when I want to test them out. I chipped my nail polish :(

Monday, August 23, 2010

More NYX lipsticks...

Yes I admit it I have a problem...This is the last lot I will buy.
I bought these while I was waiting for my 2nd Cherry Culture order to ship.
Suprisingly my Cherry Culture order arrived in record time.

I don't feel guilty about ordering these though!

I haven't swatched them all because mum pounced on them and stole a few and I'm not so sure about some of the colours. So I may sell some on.

Frosted Beige, Peach and Milan.
Strawberry Milk, Rosebud, Watermelon and Vitamin.
Darling, Sierra, Topaz, Apollo and Hebe
I'm in love with Hebe. It's so glamorous. Reminds me of a beautiful lady from trhe 1940's. Her lips are paint red to perfection and her make up is flawless. I love the name, Hebe the godess of youth.

I also own a red ipod nano, which I appropriately named Hebe. So really this colour was just made for me to love. Unfortunately I haven't seen it since I tried it on for the first time and my mother decided it was the perfect colour for her.

OPI Excitment

Yesterday I had a long awaited for package of NYX and today, running late again, I found an exciting parcel of OPI on my doorstep. It's not encouraging me to get up earlier and be on time!

Lets see the Ring, Princesses Rule!, Heart Throb, Dim Sim Plum and Dutch Tulips.
Nail polish is a very recent obsession of mine. I've only just seemed to notice my nails are not the same as when I was a teenager. I had very week nails that broke easily and were never lon enough to look good with polish. Now my nails seem alot stronger and have been growing nicely. I also seem to have just discovered the vast shades of nail polish I can buy!
I played it safe with this order, but I love all the colours.

Lets see the ring: Yes I did just buy this one for the name! I wanted a pearly white colour so choose this one for the name. Hint hint, I would like a ring... My mother tried this polish first, and wow it looked pretty bad on her. It was rather funny, but on me, a whole different story. It looks so clean and pretty.

Lets see the Ring
Princesses Rule!: YAY sparkles! How could I not order a pretty, sparkly pink polish that includes princess in it's name...Love love love.
Princesses Rule
Heart Throb: This is amazing. Its prefect for me. I didn't realise that Heart Throb would be so sheer, but I'm so glad it is. After two coats my nails have a gorgeous shiny pinkness. I first tried Heart Throb to layer Princesses Rule! over, but its so gorgeous by it's self. I prefer it alone.

Heart Throb
Dim Sim Plum: I bought this one to specifically match a cardigan I have. The cardigan matches three dresses I own and now I have the perfect nail polish to match.
Dim Sim Plum
Dutch Tulips: I'm much more of a neutral and pinks girl. Dutch Tulip has more of a pinkness than I expected, which puts me back in my comfort zone! It's such a pretty colour, I cant wait to find a good excuse to wear it out and show it off.
Dutch Tulips

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New NYX Haul

Exciting! I love getting packages, that may be why I'm so addicted to shopping online. It's just so easy to click a few buttons, enter your card details and buy. Then it gets shipped to you and arrives in a box on your doorstep.
it's just like christmas then, opening parcels.

I was having a blah day and running very late. I was much later than usual so the courier had been and I was lucky enough to find this on my doorstep!

Megashine lipglosses: French kiss, smokey look, sweetheart, vanilla and spongecake.
Runway pallettes: Versus, Champagne and Caviar and Strike a Pose.
Mosaic powders: Peachy, dare and rosey.
Lip spa: Jewel
Round lipsticks: Peony, pumpkin pie and orange soda.
Felt tip liner in black.

Rosey, Dare and Peachy
I'm loving these mosaic powders. I thought dare might be too dark or bright or just not me, but its my favourite.

Pinched, Dare, Peachy, Rosey and Natural

Comparison between my two powder blushes and the mosaic powders.

Saturday, August 21, 2010


About 6 weeks ago we attended a Harry Potter themed 21st.

Everyone was expected to go as a different character.
I decided to channel my inner Hufflepuff and go as Hannah Abbott.
I love the fact that I went Hufflepuff where as my darling partner went as a prisoner of Azkaban and definitely a Slytherin.

I bought myself a cheap pale t-shirt, created shield and badger templates and got to work tracing.
I decided  to use my Letraset Pro Makers to create my masterpiece.

The Letraset markers worked very well on the t-shirt, the colours appear rich and vibrant.

The shield by itself didn't quite look right. So I got on the computer, downloaded a Harry Potter font and traced Hufflepuff all over the bottom half of the t-shirt.

I alternated between black and gold lettering. It still didn't quite look right, so I got a grey and light lemon and got to work colouring in.

I'm very happy with how it turned out! I just cant put it through the wash, so it might be a wear oncer...

Looking rather 'impressed' at my photo being taken. Channeling Hannah Abbott, with my Hufflepuff t-shirt, pigtails and scarf.
And lastly...OMG Huuflepuff Cupcakes!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

NYX Round Lipsticks: The Light Pinks

Yes more pink!

I love a nice pink lipstick. Everyone needs some princess pink lippies.

Harmonica, Narcissus, Jupiter, Indian Pink and Paris (With out flash)
Harmonica, Narcissus, Jupiter, Indian Pink and Paris (With flash)

My favourite is Jupiter. I know so many people hate shimmer but I love it! Indian Pink is so pretty a coraly pink. Unfortunatelt I can't say I'm a big fan of the others.

Harmonica: I tried to use Harmonica to compliment a dark smokey look, but I couldnt even pull it off that way. Harmonica is very pale. Too pale for me, and a tad cold for me.
Narcissus: Barbie pink. For every girl who wanted to be just like Barbie. It's really not the right colour for me though. Too blue. A very fun colour, but I doubt I'll wear it.
Jupiter: A very pretty pink. This is a colour I'd grab on a day I needed to cheer myself up. Its just such a pretty pink shade I cant help but feel happy and girly and very princess like.
Indian Pink: A very pretty coraly pink with a lovely warm glow. Another lipstick thats a great pick me up. How can you not feel great wearing such pretty colours?
Paris:I've worn this a couple of times now, and I'm still not sold on it. Its a very pink pink. A bit cold for me, but it does match my dress!