Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Magical Sally Hansens

Omg. These are amazingly Magical.

Cooper Cauldron and Mystical Mandarin
Neither polish lives up to it's name. I'm not really a cooper person...although a nice holo mandarin would have been awesome. One was too thick, one was too thin. One was a one coater, the other was two coats. I can't remember which was which!

Cooper Cauldron

Mystical Mandarin
Mystical Mandarin was too thick and was the one coater. Cooper Cauldron was too thin and the two coater. Though can I really say it was too thin when it looked so awesome after two coats? Both had no base coat and no top coat. I had no issues with not using a base coat. They were just plain awesome. Wish I could get my hands on more Magicals!

Monday, March 28, 2011

BB Couture: A Touch of Greece

I love Greek mythology. As soon as I worked out I could change the names of the drives on my computer...I changed them to names from Greek mythology. My SD cards are Artemis and Apollo, my iPod is Hebe, my bright pink camera is Aphrodite and the drives on my computer are Athena, Iris and Nyx.

Yeah...dorking out a little...but I like my naming system!

When I found out BB Couture had a collection named for Greek Goddesses...well I needed it. I've been trying to get my hands on some BB Coutures for awhile, but I've had issues with the website not loading. But the planets alligned and actually loaded! I found the bbnails website better to order from than overall beauty, shipping was a much better price for me. Talking about shipping....these polishes arrived so fat. I wasn't expecting them for ages.

Hemera, Aphrodite, Selene and Nike
I ordered four of the six polishes from the girls Touch of Greece collection. I wasn't sure about Cybele...the colour was very unusual, and I decided I didn't need another green I wasn't going to wear. Sorry Gaia...but I have too many other greens I have to wear first.

 Selene is a goddess of the moon, unfortunately for her the Greek gods had some restructuring and Artemis took her job. Luckily for Selene she makes a stunning nail polish. Hot pink with a blue flash and some tiny holo glitter thrown in.

 Nike is the goddess of victory, and a very pretty purple Polish. Of course my camera has made this one more blue. Nike is actually a very pretty, more red toned, purple with silver flecks of awesomeness.

 Hemera is the goddess of the daytime. A beautiful bight coral with silver flecks. Hemera was actually my surprise favourite.

Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty. A frosty strawberry pink with silver flecks. I wanted more from Aphrodite, but still I don't have any pinks quite the same in my collection and she is pretty and girly and sweet.

I wanted an Athena and a Hebe. Athena a cool silver with pink and purple duo chrome? Hebe a glowing red with flecks?

All in all I'm very happy with my BB Couture polishes and can't wait to rock some Greek goddesses on my nails!

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Birthday Suit

I felt like wearing a glamorous yet subtle polish. So on Wednesday night I applied Deborah Lippmann Naked.
Naked is the perfect creamy nude. It applied beautifully and was perfect after 3 thin coats.

Please excuse the state of my hands, I took these photos after a day at school. We were mostly doing art, so I had my hands in water a lot for the clean up. Luckily the polish withstood it!

Late last night I go a text saying that Nicks brothers partner was going into labour. Their beautiful baby boy was born this morning at 5.31am. In my own quiet celebration, I applied Deborah Lippmann Happy Birthday to my Naked nails.

Late last night with flash
Full sunlight
Sparkling in the shade.
Now I'm off to hunt down a couple of BYS polishes. I bought Down the Rabbit Hole the other day and didn't realise I was going to need Through the Looking Glass and Adventures of Alice as well! BYS also have some funky colour changing polishes, so we'll see what I come back with! Then its work work work for me :(

One More Lonely Girl

Nick's away all weekend for work, so I'm home alone all by myself. I do have a lot of work to do for parent teacher interviews coming up...So I should be pretty busy. I just don't like being alone at night! At least our house isn't so big, but I still slept with the hall light on. Ted rattles his cage and tries to get the latch open, he's quite the cunning mouse. It just makes the kind of noise as though somethings trying to get in! Not great at night when you're home all alone.

My Life Saver, Me+Blue, One Less Lonely Glitter, Step to the Beat of My Heart and OMB!
I couldn't resist the Beiber Collection, I did try, although not very hard! When I though it wouldn't be available in New Zealand it was easy to resist...and then I found it. So I bought 5 polishes from the collection.

Step to the Beat of My Heart

One Less Lonely Glitter

My Life Saver


I actually found it hard to pick my favourite from the polishes I picked up. I love My Life Saver, it's so much easier to apply than For Audrey. I love Me+Blue...gorgeous bright blue and holo glitter...mmmm! I love One Less Lonely Glitter, I went to 4 shops to find it, all over the Wellington Region. I love Step to the Beat of My Heart, I didn't own any novelty glitters with hearts. I love OMB! bright glowing almost metallic red. In all honest Beiber polishes are awesome. So it still weirds me out that he has a polish line....?

Thursday, March 24, 2011


I'm a primary school teacher, so you'd think I'd know my seasons...but no. I actually had to ask someone yesterday if it was really Autumn. Yes, it took me until March 23rd to realise that we were now in Autumn. In all fairness New Zealand gets some of it's best weather during February and March...and we do refer to Term One as the Summer Term...

The weather lately has mostly been gorgeous sunshine, with the odd day where everything throws the towel in and goes down hill. It gets cold very fast, rains heavily and is generally dark and miserable. Tuesday was one of those days, when it finally hit me that it was Autumn.

Because I'm still clinging on to are some more gorgeous Zoyas. The Sparkle Collection from last year. I love me some sparkle!

 Mimi is a gorgeous sparkling purple. To be honest I don't see myself and Mimi being the best of friends...but she's so darn pretty to resist!

 Alegra is more my ind of colour. I think Alegra and I will get on just fine. Such a pretty darker pink, with oh so much sparkle again. Did anyone else dork out and go...Mimi? Alegra...? Blue Bloods? Or am I the only one who reads semi trashy vampire novels! (and I say trashy with much love...I love a good book I can just zone out and read, no real thinking required. I still haven't managed to get past page 60 on the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo....that's what happens when I read thinking books!)

 Oh! Charla I don't care if you have many dupes, I still love you. Turquoise shades of green and blue are my favourite colours. Add sparkle and you have me hooked.

 My mum wants this one. She looks amazing in greens, but never lets me do her nails green. We have to stick to reds and neutrals. Ivanka is helping change her mind. Ivanka is a beautiful green though!

 Nidhi...not a common name in New Zealand. I know far more Annemaries. Annemarie is a really awesome name that should totally have it's own polish...though I may be biased...Nidhi is a very pretty light red though. Not as sparkly yet holds her own. Pretty golden shimmer.

Gilda is amazing. Beautiful very vibrant pink. Actually Gilda is about the same colour as my very awesome camera. The 6 year old girls in my class loved Gilda, and as far as pink lovers go....they're the experts!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alone in the Dark...and a Reverie

Well the TV still works and that's emitting some not totally alone in the dark!

This morning as I was getting ready to drop Nick down to the bus stop, like I always do at 6.30am, our outside light exploded. It flickered for a little as we watched, then exploded. There were sparks. Now we have no lights.

Nick sent me a long winded text on how to fix it, something about a fuse box and breaker lights one...?
That's outside though, and it'll be lighter soon. I have my that's all that matters!

I'm not feeling the approach of Autumn. So here's some more Spring/Summer polishes!

In all honesty Zoya's Reverie collection was not quite what I expected. It's growing on me. I love the polishes more each time I see the pictures, but my initial impressions were not the greatest.