Friday, March 29, 2013

OPI: Liquid Sand

One trend I expected to hate was textured polishes.
I had a pretty good reason to hate it....I had dry feelings around my hands.

I hate using chalk.
I hate clay.
I hate if I don't have moisturiser in my bag...

Weirdly enough... I love the OPI Sand textured polishes. They seem to last forever and they look amazing on. And the texture doesn't bug me. Yes it annoyed me for the first hour or so...but I adjust and good thing as these polishes are gorgeous.

Get Your Number

Get Your Number with top coat

Stay the Night

Stay the Night with top coat

The Impossible

The Impossible with top coat

I loved these liquid Sands so much i ordered the Zoya Pixie dusts...and can't wait for the next liquid sands to come out!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Daring Digits: Super Heroes

I love super heroes.

Daring Digits released four super hero themed polishes last year. So of course I had to buy them!

Iron Man over a Red Creme

Robin over Ulta-3 Earl Grey

Spiderman over CG Kinetic Candy

Batman over CG Immortal
All four of the polishes have the same amazing formula. The glitter is perfectly suspended and easy to spread.
The only one that needed dabbing was Spiderman...which you'd expect with that bar glitter.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Lush Lacquer: Winter Blues and After All It's Fall


Bad start to the morning today.
I thought I was super organised. I'd spent a couple of hours in school on Sunday, sorting out my classroom displays and making new games. I was feeling pretty awesome.

Then Monday morning comes around...
All of a sudden I have a horrible headache, feel nauseous and don't want to get out of bed.
Of course I dragged myself out of bed, despite the rain, and got everything ready to leave for school.
I got to school, still feeling pretty organised to realise... I left my laptop at home!

Everything is on my laptop. I make a lot of my own worksheets...and of course all my planning was on it...

So to acknowledge my blue wintery day...Here are two gorgeous Lush Lacquer polishes! They may be wintery but they certainly make me feel happier looking at the pretty sparkly pictures.

Winter Blues over Revlon Princess
Wow! If this is what winter looks like... then bring it on! I love this look. Princess is a silvery blue metallic and Winter Blues looks amazing over it. Winter Blues has an awesome mix of blue glitters, bright blue, dark blue, bar, hex, square, small, tiny, medium...
I really do love this combo!

After All It's Fall over Revlon Electric
Well this is a nice bright combo! After All it's Fall is the perfect fall glitter and goes fantastically with the yellow base.

Here's hoping for a better tomorrow! maybe I'll remember to take my laptop to school!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Cover Band: Love, Lace and Lawsuits

I feel like I've barely been present the last two weeks.

We spent last weekend at the Harvest Festival in the Wairarapa and I've been very busy with school.
I just really want to be the best teacher I can be... Which sounds super cheesy... but is a lot of work!

The Harvest Festival was great. Just a nice relaxed day of wine and food. Who doesn't have fun wine testing? And zomg... the food was delicious. I had sushi, terriyaki chicken, a venison burger, Pavlova with nom nom berry sauce, churros with pomegranate, russian fudge... And the wine. Gladstone and Johnners were my fave vineyards of the day.

I'll post pics of the day eventually...

Anyway on to polish!

Lani and I basically have a continual swap going... I buy her a few polishes...she buys me a few...
Not so long ago she bought me Cover Band Love Lace and Lawsuits. I was super excited to get this polish...and want to layer it over everything!

I decided a nice turquoise would make a pretty layering combination.

Love, Lace and Lawsuits over L'oreal Waters Edge
I love this combination and can't wait to try layering Love, Lace and Lawsuits over more pastels! Especially for Easter!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Pretty & Polished: Colour Changers

I love colour changing polishes.
I must own them all!

As soon as these three gorgeous colour changers were released by Pretty and Polished they jumped in my cart to come live with me.

Mirror, Mirror
A pretty blue that changes to pale blue with gorgeous round blue and pink glitters, and a sprinkling of tiny glitters.

Zomg! I need all the TEALS! And Cuttlefish is a gorgeous teal that changes to a pale white tone.

Flip, Flop, Fuggetaboutit!
Flip, Flop, Fuggetaboutit! is perhaps my favourite... I love them all...but there's something about this gorgeous bright coral that changes to white. I think it's the white with vibrant coral glitters I love so much.

I used three coats for each of these polishes and had no drama with the formula. The glitter and colour change does make them lean slightly thicker, but no drama! Just wait between coats.

These gorgeous colour changers can be found at Pretty and Polished.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Paris Sparkles: Gorgeous Glitters

I have a problem. I'm sure it's a serious condition...
It's 'I need all of the glitters'.

If you love glittery sparkly nails as much as I do...but Don't want to look like a 5 year old attacked you with the glitter glue... You need to check out Paris Sparkles on etsy.

I've bought from Paris Sparkles twice now...and each time I've been thoroughly impressed with the glitter polishes I've purchased.

Recently Paris Sparkles had a 50% could I resist?

Raspberry Delight- 3 coats
 Raspberry Delight was my surprise favourite of the bunch. It's just such a beautiful pink and very wearable. I think one of my favourite things about Paris Sparkles glitters is how easily they remove, compared to other glitter polishes, and Raspberry Delight was no exception. Drool!

Peridot- 3 coats
Peridot is a stunning bright green. Yes I'm thinking how fab Peridot would look for St Patricks Day. Look at all that gorgeous sparkle! Seriously these glitters are amazing.

Golden Touch- 3 coats
 If you only buy one Paris Sparkles polish Golden Touch. Golden Touch is the sparkliest, blingiest gold glitter polish I have ever seen. It may look sheer on the nail, but the crazy glitter covers the nail fully. I love the pics I managed to get of Golden Touch, they show the holo sparkle perfectly.

Chataigne- 3 coats
 Chataigne was my least favourite of the ones I purchased... Not because it's not a gorgeous polish, but because Raspberry Delight and Golden Touch stole my heart first. Chataigne has a brown jelly base and a generous amount of glitter for crazy sparkles.

Midnight in Paris- 2 coats
Midnight in Paris had the best coverage of the polishes I purchased. The base is a deep blue jelly. A very pretty take on dark blue nails.

Wintermint- 3 coats
Wintermint is best suited as a top coat, but I of course wanted to try it out alone. Wintermint is a very delicate looking glitter and despite the name I can see this as the perfect Spring topper.

I really do love these glitter polishes, they are easy to apply, crazy sparkly and insanely pretty.
Pars Sparkles has a wide range of glitter polishes available, so even f you're not keen on the ones I'll still most likely find one you love.

Paris Sparkles has sales frequently. Whether they are 30% off or buy 2 get one free or every sale gets a free a bottle, so make sure you're following Paris Sparkles on Facebook to get the sales!