Saturday, April 9, 2011

Nail Prisms: Amber Ruby 08

I debated showing you all my nail prisms in their numerical order...but it was cloudy yesterday. Clouds are not great for holos! 1, 2 and 3 are holos...and to be honest I just couldn't wait to show everyone Amber Ruby.

Especially since Amber Ruby is one of the awesome polishes in my giveaway!

The best way to show off Amber Ruby is pictures.

Amber Ruby
These were all taken in cloudy natural light.

Amber Ruby may not be as talked about as Turquoise Opal or Garnet Lapis, but OMG Amber Ruby is amazing and deserves some hype. Amber Ruby flashes shades of amber, orange, yellow, red, ruby...there's some deep burgundy tones and most awesomely there are stunning dark tones. Perfect Autumn tones, Amber Ruby is amazing. This was 3 coats with out a top coat. Amber Ruby would also look amazing as a layering polish, I'm tempted to play with it on top of a nice deep green...mmm...China Glaze Emerald Fitzgerald? or a Blue...China Glaze Calypso Blue...

If you love Amber Ruby and want a bottle all for yourself don't forget to enter my giveaway!

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  1. Oh wow, that reminds me of the colour of my old pony's coat :) Beautiful swatch!

  2. It's like fire on your nails ! love it

  3. I can just imagine the PHWOAR if you layered it over green! It's so shiny too!

  4. Amber Ruby is pretty amazing I think. I will try it over green and blue, just have to wait for the right day. It's so cloudy and dark today.

  5. Beyond awesome polish! Now I'm REALLY hoping I win this. :D I cannot get these babies anywhere on my continent, let alone my country. :S This one calls for a swap! :D

  6. The nail prisms are impossible to get anywhere. I was just lucky I found 2 of this one online!