Friday, June 28, 2013

Darling Diva Polish Spam

I've had an odd week. Just been feeling slightly off.
Tired and squeemy and I started to lose my voice last night. My darling husband was thrilled at this prospect...thanks darling!

My class have been fabulous. It is after all over half way through the term now, so they are getting tired and a little cranky. It doesn't help that it's winter and cold and flu season.

We've also had the biggest storm in a very, very long time hit our city.
A lot of schools were closed Friday (unfortunately not mine, and only 2 of my class stayed home! The class next door only had 15 kids. I had 23) and a lot of houses lost power. There's been a lot of damage, mostly trees falling and flooding. The winds reached 200km in some parts. A house round the corner from us lost their roof.

We were lucky. We lost power for 5minutes on the Thursday night and have spent most of the weekend snuggled up in the warm house. Aristotle even took to sleeping under the covers.

Today we have sunshine again! So what better way to celebrate sunshine than with Darling Diva Polish swatches.

 Yes I realise that BJ is a totally innocent name. This polish was lovingly named after a real life BJ. But my mind goes elsewhere. I'm sorry to BJ, but I had to have this polish because of other connotations... After all my best relationship advice is give him a steak and bj...
Either way it is a stunningly gorgeous bright pink holo. Delicious.

Apple Crisp over Ninja Polish Ambrosia
 Apple Crisp is such a fun polish. I love that it could be used as an alternative Christmas glitter and I love that it smells delicious. I'm not always a fan of scented polish...but this one is a nice scent and a very pretty glitter.

Bulmarae Cave over Dandy Nails Cashmere Night
 These two polishes are the perfect combination. I love the dark glitters in Bulmarae Cave!

Drag Queen
 Delicious red jelly with large hex and smaller glitters in red and gold. Very sparkly and very juicey.

Fat Bottomed Girls over OPI Suzi's Hungary Again
 Pretty pink glitter with the odd larger glitter.

The Harbringer over OPI My Vampire is Buff
I love this polish so much more than I thought I would. It's such a pretty delicate glitter and I love the red glitters!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Pahlish Goodness

Well I'm trying very hard to update my blog more regularly.

It may help that Nick decided to work today... So I have the choice of continue work work for next week... or look at pretty pics of nail polish and write a blog post!

Hmm...wonder what I chose!

It's not secret I love indie polish.
One of my favourite indie polish creators  is Pahlish.
Omg...I want every single Pahlish.
I have to restrain myself every time she restocks.
Have you seen the Great Gatsby collection...???? NEEEEED.

Anyway here are three of the gorgeous Pahlish polishes I haven't shown on my blog yet.
I do have another 9 Pahlish polishes that are awaiting swatching... see I told you I needs them all!
Hmm... Maybe a swatching day rather than housework...

Great Wide Open over Oopsie Daisies Dionysus 
 Great Wide Open is a fabulous glitter topper containing a rainbow of coloured and white glitter. Absolutely gorgeous. I had no issues with application. This was one coat, no dabbing.

Clanking of Crystal
 Clanking of Crystal is a pale blue crelly with darker glitters and some pretty flecks/shimmer. I love of course I love this one! 3 coats, no undies.

Partridge in a Pear Tree
Partridge in a Pear Tree is a polish I knew I needed as soon as it was released. I didn't buy it at Christmas... too poor... but I was lucky that it was one that stuck around after Christmas. It's a great take on a nude polish. Again 3 coats, no undies.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Oopsie Daisies: A little spam, but mostly Olympus

It's rainy and blah. It's cold and the nights are so dark...
Darn you Southern Hemisphere!

So how about some happy polish!

I have a strange need to own any polish related to greek mythology.. so of course I neeeeeeded the Oopsie Daisies mt Olympus polishes. By the time I was able to order Ares was out of production. So I picked up Zeus, Dionysus, Demeter and Poseidon. Of course I couldn't just order four Festivus for the Rest of Us jumped into my cart as well!

Festivus for the Rest of Us over Color Club Cloud Nine
Zeus over Color Club Blue Heaven
I have to say my favourite of the bunch is Poseidon. But in saying that I love all four of the mt Olympus polishes I picked up...and not just for the Greek mythology!
They had fabulous formulaes and were easy to use. And they looked stunning on!

You can pick up Oopsie Daisies polishes from the Oopsie Daisies etsy store.


I must say I'm currently leeming a few polishes!

Ladybug, Blueberry Muffins, scrunchies and Slumber Parties, Bubble Monkey...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Where I just ramble... also Rainbolicious


Well it's been a while.
I'd mumble something about being know that teacher thing? Seriously though I love my class they are so freaking awesome. I had an RTLB in to chat about some of the specific needs in my class and she was like "zomg you really love your class". Ok maybe she didn't say zomg...but thats what she meant.

Then I'd mumble about not having the right computer set up. Like omg first world problems. So I use my iPad for like everything, but my blog pics aren't on there and I hate blogging from my iPad but my computer is so freaking slow and I get confused about where I stored my pictures... like was it on my computer or my work laptop or my HP mini???? Too much technology ><
I'm totally not surviving the power going out.

Although in the apocalypse I'm going to be totally clean... due to my mother and sister in laws awesome soap. Seriously if you're in NZ check out Rainbowlicious on facebook and prepare to drool.


Like omg seriously they make the most delicious smelling soaps and body scrubs and they've ventured into bathbombs too. Of course being related I may get to try a few products... I may also get to sniff everything.

I feel like an addict everytime I go round to Nicks parents place. I just sit there sniffing... and I leave wanting cake. Nick does his usual look around the house for food and exaggerated sigh that nothing is edible (I wouldn't recommend eating soap)

Anyway here's some piccies...

I totally just stole them off the Rainbowlicious facebook page (too lazy to find my own pics from the last craft show they did)

Sugar Scrubs
 I cannot say enough good thigns about the sugar scrubs. We've been through so many. I always have a jar in the shower. I personally love Buttercream (but my sister in law would tell you about my addiction to sniffing the buttercream essence), Nick loves the chocolate (smells just like chocolate soft serve) and we currently have Toffee Apple in the shower at the moment.

 These soaps are more delicious than any other soaps I have ever smelt. Seriously. And I don't find them to be drying. In fact at the Easter weekend craft show someone actually said they were better than lush...and look at them...they are way prettier!
I currently have Neopolitan in my bathroom...but I can't stop sniffing Banoffie any chance I get. Also Pavlova is the most delicious soap ever invented. And Jellybean smells just like lush Snowfairy.

This may or may not be the reason why I always leave wanting cake... I mean really? look at that! and it smells just like cake with buttercream icing... oooo I love buttercream.

Anyway go check out Rainbowlicious...

Unfortunately they're not shipping outside the Wellington region currently...due to the fragile nature of the goods. I mean look how pretty they are. Looks are important, you don't want them ruined in the mail.

But no matter which corner of NZ or the world you are from you can still like Rainbowlicious on Facebook.