Thursday, April 7, 2011

25 Follower Giveaway! CLOSED

Well the poll has finished so...

Giveaway time!

Thanks to everyone who voted, it made deciding what to giveaway so much easier!
This giveaway is for followers of my blog, please make sure you are a public follower (new followers more than welcome!)
There will be one winner of my giveaway and they will win seven polishes. All polishes are brand new and contain much awesomeness.

Nail Prisms!
 Golden Tourmaline: holo orangey red!
White Diamond: Awesome for layering, duo-chrome.
Amber Ruby: Look at the duo-chrome on that...I mean multi!
Blush Diamond: Pink holo! (this is the darker version of Blush Diamond)

Color Club and BYS
 Starry Temptation: my favourite glitter polish at the moment. Absolutely stunning.
BYS Ocean Breeze: Blue shimmer, glitter and holo strings!
BYS Down the Rabbit Hole: Black jelly and holo glitter...need I say more?

That's 7 awesome polishes!
Open to everyone, international and national.
Giveaway is open from now until the 16th of April 11:59pm.
There is a chance for you to get 5 entries!
(other rules are on the form)

Good luck everyone :)

Congrats to Annelise!


  1. Severe awesomeness! Congrats on your milestone :)

  2. Yay! Such an awesome giveaway, I'm excited! :)

  3. Thanks! I'm glad everyone else seems to think the polishes are as awesome as I do!

  4. thanks very much for this giveaway !

  5. So much sparkle! Grats on the milestone!

  6. hii im ur new follower!! this is an amazing giveaway!!! congrats on ur followers!! 8im ur 50th follower ;)

  7. Thanks! Good luck everybody!

  8. Thanks for the great giveaway! =)

  9. Much Thankies for the chance dear
    Good luck for me and everyone :)

    Liz Secret Rendezvous

  10. Awesome giveaway such beautiful treasures to give away your so generous! Love your blog!

  11. Congrats!!! :) Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!!