Saturday, December 28, 2013

China Glaze Happy HoliGlaze: The Glitters

Well it's been eons since I've had the time to sit down and actually blog. November and December for me are the wrap up months at school. Testing, reports, cleaning up, grump children... all those fun things. And actual fun things like Christmas activities and crafts.

Then Christmas comes and it's madness getting the house clean, rushing the husband to work, fitting in all the family...

But now we're heading towards the new year and I finally have time to breathe!

So here's some delicious Christmas polishes (only three days late).
Glitters today, foils later...I can't seem to find the pics of the foils.

Bells Will Be Blinging
I haven't yet tried Bells Will Be Blinging over a base, but I believe a base coat is the way to go with this one. I just wanted to try it by itself first. I'm not normally too keen on bar glitter, but they add to the bling effect nicely in this case. This was three coats.

Put a Bow On It
China Glaze realised they were on to a winner with full coverage micro glitter and again released some with their Christmas collection. I love these micro-glitters. I wore Put a Bow On it as my Christmas day mani with a nice topping of Be Merry, Be Bright.

All Wrapped Up
Another micro-glitter. All Wrapped Up is just my colour! I actually wore this as my Christmas day pedi... Ok if I'm honest, I'm still wearing it as my pedi. Love, love, love.

This is Tree-mendous
This is Tree-mendous is the perfect Christmas green glitter. Green and gold bling. Perfection.

Be Merry, Be bright over CG Electric Beat
Be Merry, Be Bright doesn't scream Christmas...but I do love the colours and it is unique to my collection.

Your Present Required over CG Sweet Hook
Your Present Required is another that doesn't scream Christmas, but I do love it! It's a very sweet mix of colours, especially when layered over a candy tone like Sweet Hook.

There's Snow One Like You
There's Snow One Like You is the oddball of the collection. In fact I actually didn't order this one originally...then the more I thought about it...the more I had to have it. The mind of an addict. In all honesty I won't wear it, but it's on I needed for the novelty factor.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

RBL: Fan Collection 2.0

As soon as I even heard about the RBL Fan Collection 2.0, I had to have it. I didn't even care what the polishes were... after experiencing the first Fan Collection I knew they'd be stunning.

So as soon as I got the pre-order email...I placed my order, declaring to Nick that it was a Birthday/Christmas present. Being a December baby I can get away with such things.

Now my birthday is this Tuesday. Tuesday the 10th of December. But of course the polish went on to my tips as soon as they arrived!

Since it's almost my birthday...I can pretend I waited until my birthday to open them...At least I waited to blog them!


Fire Queen

Lotus Elise


Naked Without Polish


Sunday, November 24, 2013

Nostalgic: The Princess

Argh. It's that awful busy time of year for me. Report writing... of course I'm behind! So unfortunately I've had little time for much else, other than work of course.

Luckily it's also that awesome time of year... EOTC week. Education Outside The Classroom.
We started planning back in February. That's how much we love this week.

Tomorrow I'm walking up a mountain... ok, a hill. It's a 2-3 hour hike, then a picnic at the park.
Tuesday is surf life saving at the beach.
Wednesday we'll be taking the ferry to picton. The kids are so excited, some haven't been to the South island before.
Thursday is our Trolley Derby. We have 32 teams racing.
Friday will be a chill out day at the river, tidying up the river and doing some water safety skills.

I'm actually super excited.... and I'm the teacher!

Anyway on to pictures of nails.
Today I have Nostalgic The Princess to show you.
The Princess is from the Breakfast Club collection and yes right now I' singing "don't you forget about meeeeee" in my head.

Nostalgic The Princess
The Princess is a pretty pink crelly with pink, white and red glitters. Very girly, very princess like and totally perfect for Valentines! Yes I realise it's Christmas round the corner... but this truely is a Valentines appropriate polish!

Hopefully I'll get my reports finished in the near future, we'll have sunshine, and I'll be able to swatch the gorgeous Christmas polishes I've started to amass.

Wish me luck to conquer the mountain tomorrow!

Monday, November 4, 2013

Dollish Polish: Princess Bride

As many people know, I'm a teacher. I teacher year 3 and 4 children and I love it.
Unfortunately I don't love everything about this time of year... the amount of testing and reporting I need to do. Although I love the sunshine, getting outside for sports in the afternoons and outdoor week is always a highlight of the year.

Every week we have a singing practice as part of our arts programme. We take turns to choose the music and recently the kids have been learning such songs as Star Trekkin', The Fox and The Never Ending Story.

Yes we are terrible people we taught the 102 children in the middle school The Fox. and they love it! They sing it beautifully.

Anyway.... back on topic! The Never Ending story is fast becoming one of their favourite songs to sing (after The Fox of course) so for golden time on Friday afternoon we starting watching the first movie.

They love watching 80's movies.

I'm keen to have an 80's day next year with them and show them the Princess Bride, which in my opinion is one of the best movies ever!

See I got there in the all related!

Dollish Polish released a collection of Princess Bride inspired polishes earlier this year and I managed to snag two that I really wanted... although I have my eye on more!

Drop Your Sword

Inconceivable! over Color Club Abyss

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Femme Fatale: Blogger Pack

I was lucky enough to be sent a Femme Fatale blogger pack to review.
I'd never tried any of the Femme Fatale polishes, so was super excited. There may have been girly squeals when I received the parcel.

The blogger pack consisted of 4 mini polishes....which I now NEED full size versions off.

Jadefire one coat over OPI Did It On 'em

"A shimmering green gold base suitable for layering rather than wearing alone. Full of clashing pinks and reds, highlighted by holo lime and lemon coloured glitter and topped off with pink shimmer."

 Jade fire is a striking combination of chartreuse, red and a smattering of holo. The base is loaded with shimmer. Ohhh gutted, it's now discontinued. Run and buy it while you can!

Spindle Web over Orly Bailamos
 "A sheer deep jewel toned blue with strong green shimmers, suitable for layering over other shades rather than wearing alone, and filled with scatterings of blue, green and iridescence in various sizes."

OMG I love this polish. I may be biased but I think Bailamos was the perfect base for it as well. Look at those delicious green glitters! So pretty. ARGH words cannot!

Witchful Thinking over Color Club Shabby Drab
 "Witchful Thinking from the 2013 Halloween Trio.
A clear based glitter topper filled with gunmetal, black, charcoal and silver glitters in various sizes/shapes and accented with a stunning lavender shimmer and violet iridescence. We recommend using over a darker base colour to enhance the shimmer."

Of course I decided to try a lighter base...and I'm very happy with the duality of this polish. In my swatches the glitters look dark and brooding, in the swatches on Femme Fatale the glitters look shimmering and magical. Very fun to play with.

Burning Blossom 3 coats
"A dusty orange-peach-yellow toned crelly with pinks and burgundy glitters. May take a few coats for opacity so we recommend using a base colour, then at least two layers of Burning Blossom. The pink looks amazing when it has a few layers over it, so definitely play around with it."

If one polish was going to convince me that I needed to buy Femme Fatales...then it would be Burning Blossom.  This is one insanely gorgeous polish. Chock full of glitter and so unique.

I loved my experience with Femme Fatale. The polishes were stunning, the shipping was fast, everything was well packaged.... and I want more! An addiction may be starting. Must collect them all...

If you'd like to check out Femme Fatale Cosmetics check out their website here.

*The polishes in this post were sent for review and I was giddy with excitement*

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Dollish Polish: Big bang Theory Collection

I love TV. I love movies. I love seeing the costumes, the sets, the story unfold...
At the moment I'm on a total sensory overload. All the TV shows I want to watch have started up again. I just don't know what to watch first!

One TV series I never got into though was Big Bang Theory. I tried, I really did. I didn't make it far into season two though.

Anyway...I may not have enjoyed the TV series...but I do love the polishes!

Bazinga over Essie Armed and Ready
Bazinga over CG OMG a UFO
I'm Not Crazy, My Mother Had Me Tested over Color Club Eternal Beauty

Coitus over a light blue...?
Coitus over KBShimmer I Made a Bleu Bleu
I always seem to be breaking my pinky! Why the pinky?

Another awesome collection from Dollish Polish...but I don't expect anything less!