Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where I buy

A few people have asked where I buy my polishes. We have a limited selection of polishes availible in New Zealand and what is in stores is generally over priced. $26.90 for OPI? So I tend not to buy retail very often. I instead buy online. I have a rather bad ebay addiction. The trouble with ebay is you need to watch for shipping costs and if you've never used a seller before

OPI: I buy a lot of my OPI's on ebay. Just generally finding who ever has the colour I want cheapest with reasonable shipping. If I want to buy OPI in New Zealand I use Beyond Beauty. Some ebay sellers I've used are:  Enchanted Beauty Spot Be Bold Go Glam Glitz and Glamorize and  Send the Trend

OPI Simply Smashing
Color Club: In New Zealand Color Clubs are available at Life Pharmacy and online at USA Nails Online. I always use the same seller on ebay for Color Clubs Top Nail Shop .

Color Club Space Case
Milani: I don't own many Milani polishes, but what I do own I got on Cherry Culture

Milani Cyberspace
 Nubar: I've only used one ebay seller for Nubar polishes, they also sell China Glaze, Essie and more. Enchanted Beauty Spot

Nubar Moon Shadow
Essie: Yup these are the two sellers I've bought Essie from.  Top Nail Shop  and  Enchanted Beauty Spot
Life Pharmacy sells Essie...but at $25 a bottle and they're a year behind. 

Essie Lapis of Luxury
China Glaze: There are so many sellers on ebay that sell China Glaze. I've used quite a few but these are two sellers I use regularly. Enchanted Beauty Spot and  Top Nail Shop.

China Glaze Tantalize Me
 Nail Prisms: I bought most of my Nail Prisms on ebay. I wouldn't actually recommend that, as they sell for rather high prices. But if you want to pay those prices, these are the sellers I've used. Cassie Cosmetics and Tzyoia.

Sally Hansen Nail Prisms Garnet Lapis 07
BYS: BYS is very easy for me to get. Cosmetics Plus has a massive stand and more.

BYS Glitter Purple
Maybelline: I've actually picked up most of my Maybelline polishes at Postie Plus.

Kleancolor: Again I bought these at Postie Plus for $4.00 each. Although they often have buy 2 for $6 specials on them. Unfortunately the selection isn't the greatest. I wish they had the awesome glitter on the Kleancolor website.

Another website I've managed to get polish on and shoes and NZ Sale. I've picked up Nail Prisms, Glitter Gals and they recently had a Butter London sale.


  1. Thanks for this information! Especially about the NZ Sales website. Anyway I found this through your trademe listings (have my eye on blue sparrow), always good to see an NZ blogger. :)

  2. Awesome :) I forgot...I also buy off trade Me as well! Blue Sparrow is a pretty neon glitter, plus it has a cute name!