Nail Prisms

I've created this page to put all the swatches I have of the Sally Hansen Nail Prisms in one place. I've listed all the Nail Prisms I'm aware of in their numerical order. As you can see I don't have every Nail Prism and to be honest I never will. I just don't want to pay ebay prices for some of them...$24.99? But hopefully this might be a good reference for other people looking into collecting the Nail Prisms. I'll add swatches as I do them...Which may take awhile! I have highlight the polishes that I don't have, although hopefully Emerald Amethyst and Garnet Lapis will be in my hands soon!

Some Nail Prisms have a few different versions of the same polish, while a have a couple of different incarnations, I don't have every one.

Diamond 01 LE

Pink Rose Diamond 02

Purple Diamond 03

Purple Diamond 03 LE

South Sea Pearl 04

Emerald Amethyst 05

Ruby Sapphire 06

Garnet Lapis 07

Amber Ruby 08

Blush Diamond 09 (light)

Blush Diamond 09 (dark) 

Golden Cinnabar 10

Fire Opal 11

Coral Amber 12

Ruby Diamond 13 (darker)

Ruby Diamond 13 (lighter)

Lapis Amethyst 14

Lavender Pearl 15

Turquoise Opal 16

Pink Pearl 17

Star Opal 18

Lavender Sky 19

Pink Gold 20

Scarlet Ruby 21

Bronze Coral 22

Burgundy Orchid 23

Platinum Plum 24

White Diamond 25

Cinnabar Opal 26

Bronze Ruby 27

Mandarin Garnet 28

Golden Tourmaline 29

Pink Opal 30

Orange Opal 31

Ruby Opal 32

White Turquoise 35

Lavender Sapphire 36

Ruby Topaz 37

Ruby Emerald 38 
Lilac Aqua 39

Lavender Gold 40

White Ruby 41

Pink Amber 42