Saturday, January 22, 2011

Sexy Chameleons

The other day I was playing with my awesome new Nubars when my darling asked about them. His mistake, because I rambled on about them for a good few minutes calling them duo-chromes. To which he eventually responded "what are you talking about? I meant the chameleon colours".

He does have a point chameleon colours does seem to describe these Nubars, they never seem to look the same twice. The formulae on these are wonderful, yes some are thinner and you do need to be patient! But all of these polishes looked fantastic with 3 coats max. The only problem with these polishes is I can't seem to get it straight in my head which colours are the base and which are the duo-chromes!

Stardust. Yes I did buy this one because I liked the name. I wasn't sure about the soft gold/peachy/rosey colour, but I do like it. This is one of the thinner polishes and on the first coat I thought it'd never be opaque, but after 3 coats it covered even my bright white tips.

Iris dust. Now this is a sexy colour. So rich and vibrant and glowing. This was another thin polish I was worried about achieving opacity, but 3 coats and awesomeness. Look at all those rich colours, gold, bronze, orangey, maroon.

Purple Beach. My favourite of these four polishes. Purple beach is stunning. At some angles it looks totally radioactive green. Look at all the gorgeous colours! Purple, grey, gold, green and pink even. This one was fabulous in 2 coats.

 Peacock Feathers. Wow this polish is so hard to capture on camera! Peacock Feathers basically has it's own cult following, and I can see why. Not only is it the most gorgeous blue shade, but it truly is a chameleon. Blue, green, pink, purple, gold. Stunning. Pink/purple tones haven't been capture very well by myself...but they are there. If you look hard you can see!

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