Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Romantique collection was released that Spring that China Glaze was all over chromes. I was intrigued to give them a whirl, especially with their reputation for stamping... but I can't say I'm a fan of the Romantiques. It's just the finish...I love most the colours. But I can't get past the chromey, strokey finish. That being said, there's a lot of applicator error here!

These are all old pics, I just haven't been motivated to show them before. I really should get round to swatching all my new polishes! And finish off those Nail Prisms.

The only one I love. That probably has something to do with my unconditional love for all things teal, turquoise, aqua, blue/green or green/blue.

Omg is this the worst colour in the world on me or what! Silvered pink...not me at all.

Emotion is quite nice actually. A brighter warmer pink than Admire...but I still can't love it.

Yeah...Gold...ummm I don't think I'm a gold nails kind of person!

Cherish is another I think is very pretty. A Spring green, but again I just don't love it!


Well Harmony is just not me either to be honest. I just look at it and think blah. 


  1. It seems like you don't like these polishes, but I think they look great! Or, I could take them off your hands for you!? ;) lol.

  2. Lol. I think I'm just too spoilt with so many other gorgeus colours...these are just totally not me. I've donated a few of them to friends.

  3. I love the romantiques! I haven't polished with them, but they are WONDERFUL for stamping!!

  4. I kept a couple for stamping with. :)

    I'm just not that good at stamping!

  5. I'm a not a huge fan of chrome finish but I have to say Adore and Harmony are quite nice.