Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Black Label...Nyx of Course!

The term Black Label makes me think of alcohol...:S but these are most definitely not alcoholic!
These are of course my new Black Label Lipsticks that I ordered from the Nyx mega sale.

I ordered six in total...but beware it's even harder to find colour accurate swatches for the Black Labels than it is for the Round Lipsticks! I love four of the shades I bought...

We'll start of the more neutral toned ones.

India, Nude and Natural in natural light.
India, Nude and Natural with flash.
You can probably guess which two I didn't love. But lets continue...

 Ahhhh India is awful. The formulae is great, it's pigmented enough. But omg ewww. I was hoping for a nice coral peachy shade...but this is just not what I wanted.I can't make it work today. Maybe when I'm less sick I'll give it another chance...but ahhhhh. Oh and excuse the horrid application of these two...I really did dislike them that much!

 Another ewwwwww! Nude is just hideous on me.It's too pale for my pale face. I can make Orange Soda work, but!

Luckily I bought Natural. Natural is amazing I can't sing it's praises enough. It's my new favourite lipstick. I'd wear this anywhere and everywhere. It's got warmth and a bit of a colour kick but it's still subtle and understated. Perfect!

And on to the pink tones...which I love! It's just unfortunate that India and Nude both look so hideous on me.

Diva, Heather and Off the Beaten Path in natural light.
Diva, Heather and Off the Beaten Path with flash.
 Very nice natural mauve tone. I think this might be comparable to B52, but haven't tried it out together yet. Either way I really like Diva. I had a hard time deciding between Diva and Heiress, but I think I made the right choice.

 I already have a Nyx lipstick called Heather. It's a mauve with shimmer...This is a really pretty pink, with no shimmer. I find a lot of pinks hard to wear. They're too bright or too princessy or too frosty. This is perfect. Heather is my new favourite pink. I wonder how it compares to Tea Rose my old favourite pink...

Off the Beaten Path
Off the Beaten Path was my wild card lipstick. The one I threw in just because I wanted to see how it turned out. Well...I have to say I love it. Warm pink with a hint of coral and not too bright. Awesome!

Actually the four that I love are my four favourite lipsticks ever right now. I'll have to compare them to my round lipsticks at some point. maybe this weekend. 


  1. Great Swatches! I didn't like the way natural looked swatched BUT it looks amazing on your lips!

  2. Thanks! I'm glad at least one looks good. I always feel weird posting my lips. :)

  3. I see you don't like pale lipsticks... :D I really do, I think it looks good on me, and your swatches helped me SO much, thanks a lot!!! What is you skins one, is it like a bit darker than fair maybe?