Friday, June 24, 2011

Nyx Girls Polish: The Glitters

When I placed y NYX order...ok orders...a wee while ago I went a little crazy on some of the gorgeous glitters that they have. I love all but one of these glitters, but I'll ramble about that some more soon. First some pictures!

Dreamy Glitter over Bella.
Dreamy Glitter is a very pretty glitter with iridescent larger hex's and small glitters and large pink stars. Very pretty and very girly. I had no trouble fishing the hearts out which was great!

Gilded Glitter over Hunter Green
Gilded Glitter is pretty awesome. It really does look like 24k gold flakes have been carefully placed on to your nails. This was one coat.

Sparkles over Black
I kind of hope that Sparkles would be the silver version of Gilded Glitter. It's not. These glitter pieces are very much so regular. It's still a pretty true silver glitter.

Carnival over Ink Heart
Well Carnival is yet another Happy Birthday look a like. I might donate it to mum, try and convince her to wear some glitters! I already own Happy Birthday and Milani Gems (the pink glitter version) so I'm not sure I need Carnival as well.

Alps Bunny over Finger Paint Carnation Creation
This is the only one not pictured over another NYX girls polish. I just happened to be playing with the Finger Paints polish and thought Alps Bunny would look pretty. Alps Bunny is a pretty glitter topper, it reminds me of Color Club Starry Temptress, which I love.

Enchanted Forest over Bermuda Triangle
So much promise... But argh, I hate this polish. This is 3 coats. 3 watery impossibly horrible coats. There are larger hex's in there somewhere, but I tried and tried to fish one out... It was just too thin. Maybe I'll leave the lid off a few days and hope it goes tackier... It was just such an awful water consistency
Grand Royal over Blue Ink
Grand Royal reminds me of Revlon Belle. Its a pretty silver glitter with larger hex glitter. This was one coat.
It could be built up more, but I haven't tried it out.

Dynamic Glitter over Grapefruit
Dynamic Glitter is very reminicsent off OPI Teenage Dream, I'll have to do a comparison at some point. Other than one coat it looks very much like the pink version of Grand Royal.

I didn't try any of these polishes alone. I felt they were best as layering polishes, so I can't tell you if any can achieve opaqueness.


  1. Those are all awesome glitters!

  2. nice swatches :)

  3. These are gorgeous! My sister would love Dreamy Glitter :)

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    those look great together!

  5. I love NYX glitter... expect the red Dorothy that was such a mess... :) I only have 3, now i want more after looking at your pics :)