Sunday, February 27, 2011

Some Happy Thoughts!

In the form of colours
I love colour, I love mixing paint to make new colours, I love plain boring normal colours...I just love colour. It always cheers me up.

I need cheering up today, it's the second weekend I've been sick. I didn't drink, I didn't eat anything bad, but when I woke up at 6am to take Nick to the my tummy hurt. I felt so ill.

So I've thrown up, I haven't eaten and I'll felt sorry for myself all day. Luckily I feel better now, just random intense stomach pains when I move.

Here's my happy thoughts...

Milani- Bare in Mind
Milani- Dressmaker
Milani- Teddy Bare
 I actually love all three of these Milani polishes. Yes I realise they're all supposed to be dupes of more expensive polishes, but I'm happy with my Milanis.

LA Splash- Wonderland
LA Splash-Golden Seahorse
 Love, love, love these LA Splash polishes...need more! I didn't expect Wonderland to be so sheer...or to have hearts and flowers...not from the online swatch...but I like it!

Jordana- Mardi Gras
LA Colors- Purple Glitter
 These last two were given to me by girls in my class for Christmas last year. They actually go very nicely together, layered.

Friday, February 25, 2011


Last weekend I decided to try re-organising my stash by colour.

I put everything on our kitchen table and tried to arrange the polishes into lines of colours...

I then put all the polishes back into the plastic shoe boxes  I use for storage. It's been one week since I re-organised.

I hate it! I can't find anything. I need a better way to store my polishes. Unfortunately I have no hope of ever getting a helmer in New Zealand.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Yesterday was a bad day. I was still getting over this head cold I had all weekend and it was stinking hot.
The kids lost it by the afternoon...and I thought it was still a good idea to do art?

So they weren't listening, mangaged to accidently spill a whole jar filled with blue dye and while I was sorting out the blue dye, one kid came with blood dripping out his mouth...luckily it was only a tooth! 6 year olds lose them all the time.

The dye went everywhere. All over the birthday girls birthday dress, all over another girls tshirt and then another girl managed to have her foot in the way...bright blue foot!

I guess I have to laugh now, but at the time when all the other kids were being nosey and tryingto but in I just had to yell stop. They've not heard me yell before, I try to stay calm...but they were so noisey I had to do something big to get everyones attention. Right after we had a chat about everyone being positive!

Then we had our staff meeting...Then I rushed home to get home before Nick.

The letter box was empty, the house was a mess and there were two parcels on the back door step. I squealed. I got very very excited. That meant my crackles had arrived!

Crushed Candy, Broken Hearted, Lightning bolt and Cracked Concrete.

First base, Matte about you and Good to go.

Catch the Bouquet and Supernatural. Honest these are very very different!

Monkey Business, In Stitches, Island Hopping and Sew Pysched.

Kisses and Bisses, Nice is Nice, Fondola Gondola and Sand of a Beach.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A French Affair...

The other day I received some of the polishes I ordered while on my Essie kick.

Most notably four polishes from the French Affair 2011 Spring collection. I know a lot of people would complain about boring Essie pinks and nudes, but I actually really liked the four polishes I ordered. So much so that I ordered the other two polishes while I continued my Essie ordering kick.

 Topless and Barefoot is a nude. It's streaky at the first coat, depending on application you may even need 3 coats. In saying that the formulae is smooth and I liked the application. It's an Essie polish. The colour of Topless and Barefoot is why I love this polish. It's a nude beige with a hint of pink and I think it's the perfect nude for me.

 Coat Azure will be the only polish that most nail fanatics will want from this collection. It's a stunning blue with silver shimmer. Reminiscent of Lapis of Luxury but not quite the same blue, and definitely not a straight creme

 Sand Tropez is another stunning nude. A beigey tan with a grey tint. I think this is another nude that looks near perfect on me, but it lacks the pink girlishness of Topless and Barefoot. So Sand Tropez will have to settle for being my second favourite nude!

French Affair is the Essie pink of the collection. It applies well and opaquely. I don't recall French Affair being quite as stark as it looks in my pictures. French Affair is a pretty soft pale pink. Very feminine, not normally my colour but I actually like it. I don't own many pale pinks.

Katy Perry Glitters

I absolutely love the Katy Perry polishes by OPI. I'm currently wearing The One That Go Away over Do You Think I'm Tex-y? and I'm loving it! Such a pretty girly colour.

The glitters and I have a love hate thing going. I love the colours, but they seem to want to peel off me! I might need to investigate new base coats.

Last Friday Night is a very sheer blue based glitter polish. I wish this had some of the shimmer that Teenage Dream has. I'm actually wearing 3 coats. Yes 3 light coats, and my nail tips are so so white. The iridescent glitter is very pretty, but this is a layering polish for me. Over black...ooohh...delicious!

Last Friday Night layered over Do You Think I'm Tex-y...mmm look at the glitter! Layering Last Friday Night5 brings out all the other colours in the glitter. I was amazed to see how many colours appeared. Very sweet.

Teenage Dream...just plain amazing. I love this polish. It's everything the princess loving girl inside me wants. Now I just need a unicorn. This is 3 coats and yes there is visible nail lines...but I don't care. Oh! I love the shimmer, the glitter, the soft pink. Is it too much to wear as a wedding day polish?  It's subtle yet sparkly. I can't stop staring at my nails. Unfortunately it peels off me. Like the whole nail peels. Yes it saves time on glitter removal...but it's not cool when I want to wear the polish!

And some Black Shatter. I love the effect, but I'm not really into black nails. I can't wait to get the China Glaze Crackles I ordered. Bring on Crushed Candy and Heart Broken! I really liked Black Shatter in the Serena Williams set, but I'm not sure I like it as much over Teenage Dream.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Milani Take 2...

I just realised I never got around to adding the pics of the rest of the Milani 3D collection.

I'm lying in bed with my HP mini, suffering a head cold, or what feels like a head cold. We've only been back at school 3 weeks and I'm already coming down with the kids germs!

 HD: silver scattered holo...I've come to the conclusion that I'm not actually into silvers. Sure they're pretty...but not as flattering as a nice grey. Silver's just not really me.

 3D: Gold. Very yellow gold. Definitely 24k. Look how yellow that gold is. Yeah...not really me. Golds are more me than silvers, but still not really my thing. Well a nice neutral gold is awesome, but yellow yellow gold...I have a white gold engagement ring for a reason!

Hi Tech: luckily Hi Tech is in this set of pics. Hi Tech is the best green holo I own. So pretty and vibrant and a definite spring green. It looks more yellow in my pics, but it is very green!

Zoya Flame

I have started a love affair with Zoya. I I need more!

The colours are gorgeous, the formulae is divine, the brush is so easy to use...and most importantly for my slightly OCD self...the bottles sit together so nicely.

Sadly I only have twelve zoya. I've already posted six, so that's only six more to go.

Crystal is stunning metallic blue with gold flecks. The gold is so pretty, and separate from the blue. Absolutely gorgeous!

Tiffany is my new love. An absolutely stunning peachy tone with the same separated gold flecks as Crystal. I didn't expect to love Tiffany so much, but she looks amazing on! And it may be vain, but wow Tiffany looks good with my skin tone!

I expected to love Gloria more. Gloria is a very pretty rosey pink with the same finish as Crystal and Tiffany. There's just something slightly bland about it though...I don't know I'm possibly crazy. I am running a temperature right now.

I think that Lisa may be the most beautiful red polish I own. I'm not a red person, but I could be Lisa! Such a pretty bright vibrant red, with so much sparkle.

Sara is Lisa's big sister. Same gorgeous shimmery finish, but a tad darker and slightly more grown up than Lisa. Simply stunning!

Valerie is amazing. It's everything I expected and more! Very reminiscent of the Orly Cosmic FX polishes. Different colours but same multicoloured fleck effect. Not exactly a duochrome, but still packed with beautiful colours.