Monday, April 25, 2011

Nail Prisms: White Turquoise 35

Todays Nail Prism is not a crazy holo or duochrome. Instead it's a more sedated colour.

White Turquoise is exactly what it's name says. A pretty fresh white colour with turquoise shimmer. The turquoise shimmer was so hard to capture, but I promise you it's there and it's obvious!

I used 4 coats as this one was a rather sheer colour.

White Turquoise 35
White Turquoise is a very pretty relaxed colour to wear. It's appropriate for so many different situations, I'm even thinking it could work as a wedding polish. White Turquoise may not be a holo or crazy duochrome but it is a very pretty clean polish to wear.


  1. I'd love to see this layered! I think it would look even more gorgeous. (:

  2. Ohh! yes it would look pretty layered. Though I'm not sure which polish...grey? lavender? an aqua...?