Sunday, April 3, 2011

Autism Awareness

Yesterday was Autism Awareness Day.

As a primary school teacher I come in contact with children who are on the spectrum every day.

Autism is more common than we realise and many people don't realise that Autism is a spectrum. I liked what was said at one course I attended on Autism. "Everyone has a piece to the puzzle, some have more pieces than others".

Anyway on to my blue...

China Glaze High Def.

High Def in sunshine
I was prepared to be disappointed by the Tronica Holos, but I wasn't. They're different yes, but still amazing. I actually really like the holo effect in the Tronicas. Rather than a linear or a crazy scattered holo, the Tronicas have a very fine holographic effect. At some points it was like I was looking at a rainbow gradient that covered my whole nail, not just a thin band of rainbow. It's an impressionistic holographic effect.

But then I went and ruined it. I was waiting around while Nick was shooting at his work mates at I crackled it. White wasn't a good choice. Then just for good measure, to make it truly heinous, I added OPI Last Friday Night. The pictures don't look so bad...but trust me it wasn't a good look!

High Def topped with Lightning Bolt and Last Friday Night...


  1. Thanks! I thought I'd love it with crackle...but my application wasn't so great :( I may have to thin my crackle and re-try it!