Friday, April 8, 2011

Rainbow Nicoles

A little while ago I received some gorgeous Nicole by OPI polishes. Ok so I bought them...but received sounds less like I have an online shopping problem! Plus I did receive the mail!

The Right Thing, Yellow it's Me, Make Mine Lime and Wild Blue Yonder.
All lined up they looked very rainbow-tastic. I love rainbows and I need some nice bright cheerful colours today.

The Right Thing
 The Right Thing is a gorgeous shimmery coral. It's so bright an cheerful. I've been wearing The Right Thing on my toes for the last week. It's such a happy colour.

Yellow it's Me
 Yellow it's me is one of those yellows that is just so darn pretty. Yes it's kind of sheer, but come on...I can forgive it. Just look at that delicious warm shimmer.

Make Mine Lime
 Make Mine Lime is not one of the colours I would normally pick out. It's lime and shimmery...both awesome things, but it just doesn't scream me? There's nothing wrong with's kind of an awesome colour really. but even on my toes I didn't feel like I could pull it off.
Wild blue Yonder
Wild blue Yonder is awesome. Shimmery almost electric blue. Yup it's awesome alright. I keep looking at this picture going "why didn't I wear this one today?"

Next step will be to do a rainbow mani with these!


  1. I also have Make Mine Lime and it is hard to pull off. It's a gorgeous color though!

  2. The colours are awesome. I've been very impressed with all the Nicoles I have purchased. The colours have been amazing.

    Make Mine Lime may have to wait until St Patricks Day next year...or a school sports day. (I'm supporting/crowd control for the green house)

  3. Yay green house! That was my colour back in primary school. Until they changed the names to native birds anyway. Go Kea!

    Rainbow nails!

  4. Haha, my reading groups are bird names. Moa, Kiwi, Tui and Kea...and my Kea reading group has a green box.