Friday, April 15, 2011

Essie Resort 2010

Yesterday was Friday...after an eleven week term it was the last day of school before the HOLIDAYS!

NZ government...eleven weeks is much too long for a school term. I don't care if the Rugby World Cup is on this year. Who plans school terms around sport. And I have to do it all again in two weeks time because next term is eleven weeks as well.

And in slightly scary news...It's only one school term until our wedding now. I really should start that exercising thing! I pick up my dress this coming should still fit...

I picked up the Essie Resort 2010 collection a wee while ago, and as it is the start of the holidays it seems appropriate to post a resort collection! Although I wont be going anywhere...I can dream about a resort and brightly coloured cocktails?

Turquoise and Caicos
 Turquoise and Caicos is a very pretty turquoise that leans green in my opinion. I wasn't expecting it to be so green toned. It's still awesome and makes me want to drape myself in Grandmas turquoise beads. I've used three coats and I'm happy with the super shiny result.

Lapis of Luxury
 Lapis of Luxury is my favourite. Actually it's one of my favourite Essie polishes ever. Awesome bright yet dusty periwinkle cornflowerish blue. Super shiny, it's not just a boring creme. Again I've used three coats. I know thee have been a lot of comparisons of Lapis of Luxury to Coat Azure. There is no comparison...Lapis of Luxury wins.

Splash of Grenadine
 Splash of Grenadine is actually rather unique in my collection. I'm not normally drawn to pinky purple tones. They have a tendency to give me the dreaded zombie hand. Splash of Grenadine is making me re-think my stance though. Perfect for Speing or Summer and once again three coats.

Playa Del Platinum
 To be honest I'm not sure how well Playa del Platinum fits in with the three other gorgeous dusty brights. It doesn't even fit the name Playa del Platinum. It's just not platinum, more of a greyed sandy beige. Playa del Platinum is alright...but i think the other three polishes alone would have been an awesome collection.

All four polishes have the awesome Essie texture...Jelly creme. So they are amazingly easy to apply. I think these four polishes look great in a collection together. I'm not sure they'd all stand up by them selves though. Lapis of Luxury is the stand out for me. A truly awesome blue polish I love wearing.


  1. I love this collection. I have two bottles of Turquoise and Caicos and Playa Del Platinum :D

  2. I really adored this collection. I hope this year's Resort will be just as lovely :)

  3. gorgeous polishes, I have Playa because that's my type of color, but I also want to get Lapis, looks great on you